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CH 01 May 2019

I’m headed up this weekend to Skye, plannning Sgurr a’Mhadaidh to Sgurr Banachdaich. 

I’m thinking it’s safe to assume there’s not a material amount of snow on the ridge. 

Any info on current conditions appreciated.



Andypeak 01 May 2019
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Some wintery conditions forecast from Friday onward. 

CH 01 May 2019
In reply to Andypeak:

Cheers Andy. Yep, a few cold days ahead, with some snow flurries anticipated. I was just wondering how much, if any, of an existing snow base it would fall on top of. 

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steelbru 02 May 2019
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If you're on facebook, check out "All Things Cuillin" run by a local mountainguide called Adrian, he posts up photos from the hills most days, also seems very helpful and regularly says people can call him if they want to check conditions, etc

nawface 02 May 2019
In reply to CH:

I was on the ridge yesterday.  No snow apart from very small isolated patches.

CH 02 May 2019
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Hi both, thanks very much for your replies, helpful and much appreciated.

atrendall 03 May 2019
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Pretty windy and cold and a few snow flurries yesterday evening/night high up. With wind chill it's forecast to be bitterly cold but yesterday out of wind was lovely and warm in sun. Only very, very minimal snow patches left and it's not going to impede any thing. Mega dry underfoot with rivers very low. 

Mhadaidh to Banachdich should be great apart from the winds. Was on Banachdich for sunset last night and felt like minus 10 in the wind and was blasted by flurries of snow.

Being out and about as a guide and photographer, I post most days on the FB group, All Things Cuillin;


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CH 07 May 2019
In reply to atrendall:

Hi Adrian, many thanks for your reply and for the link. It was indeed very windy and cold and as you'll likely know, a thin layer of snow fell overnight on Friday. What you'll not know is, after I saw your FB shot from Monday morning, I unhappily realised I'd continued my run of 'let's turn up for the Cuillin either the day before good weather, or after' as I arrived on Friday night and left on Monday morning ;-)

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