Hiking boot stretching service - stretch rubber rand

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 sabostar 24 May 2022

Can anyone recommend a hiking boot stretching service for a boot with a rubber rand?

I want to avoid damage to the goretex liner and probably need a postal service.

In reply to sabostar:

I can highly recommend this shoemaker.

I got my new bought Lowa Tibets back a few weeks ago. I had the same problem: rubber edge, goretex sock, and a very stiff shoe anyway. But I always need a lot of extra space at my toe (hallux valgus).

You indicate on your shoe where exactly the space should be, how large the area, and how far it should be stretched. Done perfectly. Everything arranged by email and post. This shoemaker also carries out repairs for the bigger outdoor shops in our country. It is the right address... only it is in the Netherlands. Kind regards, Willem

OP sabostar 24 May 2022
In reply to Willem Adriaanse:

Many thanks Willem, I will check them out.

Side note - Lowa Tibets are probably the best pair of boots I've ever owned. Never let me down in the rain, snow, rock or whatever!

In reply to sabostar:

Ah! I love to hear that, thanks

 99ster 25 May 2022
In reply to sabostar:

Go here - they've done exactly that for me for a number of Scarpa boots:

OP sabostar 25 May 2022
In reply to 99ster:

Thanks - will check them out

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