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Kat93 24 Aug 2019

Hi all. We (couple) are planning to walk up Snowdon via the Watkin path next week hopefully. I have been meaning to do this for years. I wanted to do crib goch but after realising that my heart will probably stop trying to do it, we have decided to go for a relatively safer path but with a bit of challenge too. I am a beginner if that’s not evident already 😊 I have been reading up on list of things to take. We will ideally go when there’s no rain forecast for Llanberis. But from what I have read that the peak could even have snow or rain in summer when you get up there (not sure how true this is). This is the list we have made of things we would need according to several websites:

Small rucksack


Waterproof jacket/ Walking trousers


Map (Is there one available from any shop near the base or buy one from Amazon? Will one on a mobile be suitable?)


Any advice on above.

MuckyMorris 24 Aug 2019
In reply to Kat93:

Hi Kat.

You should take water, and maybe a snack as well. 

Gloves yes, and clothing should be layered as temperatures change fast, and the effort of walking changes clothing necessities as well. 

A fully charged mobile phone would work, but you will need to download the map tile first. This can be done through OS maps among others. Because there is no internet in the hills the GPS will work but the blue dot will be on a blank screen - not helpful. I would recommend a map as a back up though, and the compass to go with it. You can pick up maps in any of the outdoor shops there, and some other shops round the country-its a popular area. You can order from OS or the Harveys maps are good for walkers - less confusing detail in complex terrain.

Not actually done that route myself don't know what the nav is like if you are in cloud with low vis sorry. As for snow up at the top - I would be stunned if it's snowy next week.

Weather forecast wise I use MWIS, but this generally seems to be the worst case scenario. Also Met Office. Good luck with no rain in Llanberis! Am there next weekend as well so hopefully your wish will be granted!

Hope this helps, and enjoy your walk.

Kat93 24 Aug 2019
In reply to MuckyMorris:

I definitely would take water and some snacks but forgot to include that in the list. I think I will get a physical map as well as a compass just in case. Thank you for the help!

dgp 24 Aug 2019
In reply to Kat93:

If you want a beautiful way up if its a nice day  and with a bit more of a challenge than the Watkin is to branch off the Watkin path to Bwlch cwm Llan and follow what is commonly called the south Snowdon ridge to the summit then you can return by the Watkin path.

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