Taking a rope/gear on Slovenia multi-day trip.

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 lemonhead 14 Jul 2022

Hi all, I’d like some advice from the wise!

This August me and my girlfriend are heading to Slovenia for an 8 day hike through the Julian Alps. Along the way we are going to do some via ferratas. I haven’t done any via ferratas (although I climb regularly, E1/f7a) and my girlfriend has done a fair few. We’ve both done plenty of walking.

My question is: as we are out for several days, is it worth taking a rope (perhaps one of a 60m pair) plus a very small rack (1 set of nuts, slings and screwgates)?

I would just like to have a few options should we need to bail off anywhere, get to anything unexpectedly tricky/get lost while hiking or encounter some difficult or sparsely protected sections on the via ferratas.

Is it a sensible idea, or is it overkill?

If it’s useful the via ferratas we plan to do are: the east side of Ponza Grande (Italian side of the border); Prisojnik via Kopiščarjeva route and Trgiglav via Cez Prag route.

Thanks in advance!

 VictorM 14 Jul 2022
In reply to lemonhead:

A confidence/abseil rope and some crabs, slings and maybe an ATC might come in handy if you're new to VF but personally I wouldn't bother bringing any rock protection unless you plan to rock climb.

In reply to lemonhead:

You'll definitely find the mountain VFs under-protected compared to ones further west, Slovenians are obviously quite bold. Not on the hard bits, but on the easier bits - expect to find unprotected UIAA 1+ / UK 'moderate' scrambling sections. Climbing-wise they won't tax you, but if you're not happy scrambling on exposed ground you might want to take a thin 'gap crossing' rope and a handful of nuts.

 gethin_allen 14 Jul 2022
In reply to Toerag:

I agree, we did a few VFs in Slovenia and I personally found the harder grades easier because they were properly protected.

 John Kelly 15 Jul 2022
In reply to lemonhead:

the prisojnik route via the ' window ' is fairly straightforward, VF kit

The other prisojnik route has a tiny but show stopping glacier buried in a gully - axe, crampons and a rope would be my choice, maybe add an ice screw

Triglav is fine - VF kit

your unlikely to need any climbing gear  however there are some fairly exposed passages just on the walking sections,

I took 20m of 7.5mm as we did these with youngish kids, cant remember deploying the  rope, a 60m might spoil the day


Ps they are great days out 

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OP lemonhead 27 Jul 2022

Hi all,

Thanks everyone for the useful comments, they've all helped me in the planning for this trip and are much appreciated. 

Enjoy your summers! 

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