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RossGuyton - on 09 Feb 2018

Hello everybody - I am a forestry consultant, walking miles every day on uneven and rough terrains,  and i therefore live in Meindl B1 type boots which are superb for my arthritic foot due to the very stiff sole. Unfortunatley I can't always wear these boots and so i wish to get a pair of walking shoes or similar to wear in warmer weather, the office and outside of work and research tells me an approach shoe is my best bet? Therefore can anyone advise on a good shoe or shoes with these stiff soles as the description rarely tells you about the sole stiffness? Being waterproof whilst not essential would be an advantage.  Many thanks in advance. Ross 

ripper - on 09 Feb 2018
In reply to RossGuyton:

Don't Meindl also make shoes? Would seem like an obvious starting point, as you like their boots so much. Other than that it's the usual answer concerning footwear - try some on and see which suit your feet best. I like my current 5.10 tennies but I wouldn't say they were super-stiff (at least, not once broken in - I remember they felt fairly 'clompy' when box-fresh)

blurty - on 09 Feb 2018
In reply to RossGuyton:

Go to decent bootfitter and take their advice, I'd suggest

Tony Jones on 09 Feb 2018
In reply to ripper:

I love my five ten tennies but I'm not sure whether they're durable enough for the OP's purposes. Might something like a Salomon X GTX trail shoe be a better alternative? They'll keep your feet dry at the very least.

John Kelly - on 09 Feb 2018
Pbob on 09 Feb 2018
In reply to RossGuyton:

I think you might be better off with 'walking shoes which are likely to have stiffer soles. I got some own brand ones from gooutdoors which are pretty good. Like walking boots but shoe height. Not cheap but cheaper than some approach shoes. Vibrant soles but the unfortunately the rubber is too hard so in the wet on slick surfaces they are all over the place.

alx on 10 Feb 2018
In reply to John Kelly:

I second the Scarpa Zen’s, and my go to big boot is my trusty Meindl Bhutan’s. 

The zen’s sole is thick, and has a reinforced horseshoe shaped sole rubber which is good for stepping up on smaller edges. They work well with the  kahtoola microspikes if hard packed ice is an issue.

ben b - on 10 Feb 2018
In reply to RossGuyton:

The Haglofs Vertical II is pretty solid and of heavy construction - I have a pair that get heavy use here in NZ, and the midsole is stiff (and can be used with a heavy pack). Not cheap but often available on discount. I have been very happy with mine, and suspect we have quite similar requirements. 



SouthernSteve on 10 Feb 2018
In reply to RossGuyton:

I have some Meidl shoes that are pretty tough and waterproof. They might suit you - I would not want to do a big day in them. You might want to consider a pair of trail running shoes also where a long day or much more practical – although the latest colour scheme may make them less suitable for a work situation. 

mattsccm - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to RossGuyton:

Mephistos surely?


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