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Bristol_Quornstar - on 02 Jun 2013
I’m upgrading my outdoor gear and have hit a decision point with regards to my jacket choice. I’ve shortlisted two Gore-Tex Pro jackets, but need a little help:

• Mountain Equipment Morpheus Jacket RRP £240 ( )
• Mountain Equipment Kamchatka Jacket RRP £290 ( )

Due to particular negotiations & deals, I’ve managed to find a supplier who is offering the Kamchatka for essentially the same price as the Morpheus, so my gut instinct would be to accept this. However, an issue has crossed my mind if anyone could help?

The styles of the two jackets are VERY different, aimed at two different market sectors: Morpheus for general UK hillwalking, Kamchatka for Alpine mountaineering. A good example of how the two constructions differ is in the presence of a ‘storm baffle’ over the main front zip of the Morpheus to keep out the relentless UK rain. This is absent in the Kamchatka, with just YKK aquaseal zips. My question here is will this really be of significance to me?

My current situation is as follows:
• Avid UK hillwalker with regular trips to Welsh & Scottish mountains in all weathers
• Competent skier and off piste skier in the Alps 1-2 times/year
• Looking to start UK winter walking (e.g Munros in winter)
• Planning to gain Alpine Mountaineering experience in c.1 year’s time in Mont Blanc range

due - on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:

I wear the Morpheus for work, and bought a Kamchatka for myself (I was in a similar position regarding the price). The hood is much better on the Kamchatka, and you get pitzips. Although Goretex Pro is pretty tough already, the reinforced fabric is still nice to have on a £200+ jacket. It does actually have a storm flap behind the zip, but the Morpheus has one inside and out. The Kamchatka is supposed to have a more athletic and shorter cut for skiing, but I honestly can't tell the difference in practise, especially not for hillwalking.
Bristol_Quornstar - on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to due: Thanks for that. Its good to hear from a user of both
Marcus Tierney - on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK: can't help between the two but i have had several goretex mountain equipment coats and they have lasted years and still getting usage . Goretex way better than Event in my opinion . My Montane Superfly was wasted after a year of light use.

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