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mcmac74 on 18 Jun 2013 -
Hi, myself and some friends are heading to the lakes and i'm charged with trying to sort a decent 3-4 day trek. There's a couple of novices so i'm not looking for anything too hard as we'll be carrying kit and camping each night. The idea is to do a circular walk where each day ends with a campsite and decent pub! I think we'll be looking to cover no more than 40 - 50 odd miles so approx 10- 12 each day max.

I've got no particular part of the lakes in mind so open to ideas.

Thanks a lot

RagingSphere - on 18 Jun 2013
In reply to mcmac74:

Well I can't help with the whole trek but I can suggest the Stonethwaite campsite. It's pretty basic but a lovely setting and the pub up the road serves good food. It is a 5 minute walk away though.

Lankyman - on 18 Jun 2013
In reply to mcmac74: we did a linear trek a few years ago from Ravenglass to Keswick using the trains and buses to get there and home. We camped up high each night but could have camped in the valleys by pubs also. You could overnight at Boot (Woolpack), Wasdale Head (Wasdale Inn), Stonethwaite (pub) and down to Keswick. Circular rounds are fairly obvious if you open the maps out and look for the passes linking the valleys (low level options are important if the weather turns bad especially for novices).
jakey - on 18 Jun 2013
In reply to mcmac74:

Check out the below, it's listed as a six day trek but we did it in three.
Thegypsy - on 18 Jun 2013
In reply to mcmac74: I have just camped in the south lakes,i stayed at angel tarn for 3 nights then hiked over to stickly tarn for a night,pub at the bottom of stickly tarn(new doungeon hotel).you could treck from stickly tarn to wasdale head and camp across from the pub at the national trust camp site.If you go up stickly gill you can hike past the langdale pikes over to angel tarn,then over esk hause to the corridor route on scafell then down to wasdale head thats a good days trecking with real good veiws.
Ramblin dave - on 18 Jun 2013
In reply to monkeymark:
Stonethwaite -> Langdale -> Eskdale -> Wasdale -> Stonethwaite seems like an obvious link up. Easy if you stick to the passes, or you can make it arbitrarily harder by taking in more and bigger hills.
GrahamD - on 19 Jun 2013
In reply to mcmac74:

For route planning, I thourougly reccomend the BMC map of the Lake District. At 1:40000 it has the whole of the Lakes (more or less) on one sheet and the relief is coloured so its really easy to see where the ups and downs are. And its waterproof.

As mentioned above, the valleys of Langdale, Borrowdale, Eskdale and Wasdale are a good option with high and lower level possibilities
mcmac74 on 26 Jun 2013 - whois?
In reply to mcmac74:

Thanks for all the has put a spanner in the works as i've been recalled to duty 2 days early. This means we'll be arriving on the 10th July about 2pm, camping up and then doing only 2 full days of walking before heading back on 13th....Any revised advice on best walking approx 10 - 15 miles for each of the two days? There must still of course be a pub at the end of each day!...we're not looking to wild camp.

Cheers, Mark
dylan_the_fox on 27 Jun 2013 -
In reply to mcmac74:

How about heading for Pooley Bridge, taking the steamer over to Howtown - then walking over Place Fell by any route you like, continuing to Angletarn Pikes and over the Knott to High Street - down to Hartsop and the campsite by Brothers Water - with handy pub.

Next day you could head up Scandale and walk up to Fairfield, and down via St. Sunday Crag, finishing up by the Glenridding pier and pub - steamer back to Pooley Bridge.

Hillwalking, pubs, and a cruise.

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