/ PCT thru hikers UK based?

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EvaP on 19 Jun 2018

Hi all!

I am planning to hike the PCT in 2020 (still a long time to go I know, but I am already researching because I am so excited!) and was wondering if there is anyone in here who has done it before?? It would be great to meet someone who can share their experience and wisdom!


yorkshire_lad2 on 20 Jun 2018
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Hi Eva,

Happy Trails: I'm sure you'll have a ball!  I'm afraid I don't have any direct experience (and I'm more keyed into the Appalachian Trail, which I did many years ago, and I've been on AT trail crew more recently).  If you haven't already, I suggest you might want to look at ALDHA ( and the PCT Ass ( both of which are quite active.  Not exactly UK focused, but might help, or someone may know someone who's over here in the UK.


Speaking of Trail crew, both the Appalachian Trail and the PCTA run seasonal volunteer trail maintenance crews.  Depending on your time and budget, they might be worth a look.  When I've been on the AT Trail crews (which I've done for quite a number of years, but have had a break recently), there have always been quite a few volunteers who have volunteered on crew as a way of getting into the trail community and scene and information with a view to doing a thru-hike in a year or so.  I can't speak for the PCTA crews (as I've only heard about them second hand) but the AT ones are generally quite good and fun: they feed and house (tent) you in return for toil and sweat, but it's a wonderful bunch of people: see


wintertree - on 20 Jun 2018
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It’s as close as my life has to an ambition.  

Very little to add except to note you’ll be passing near Umpqua Hot Springs, which is a really amazing place.  8 bowls in sequence in the calcite concretion down the steep side of the wooded river gorge, you choose your water temperature by going up or down the bowls.

Oh, and nakedness.  A lot of nakedness.  A sign in the trailhead carpark telling you to deal with nakedness or move on.  

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loose overhang on 14 Jul 2018
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Hi Eva,

I've not walked the PCT, but I have walked along a lot of the northern section in Washington State.  It seems the first unknown to solve is whether it has been a high or low snow year in the Sierras of California.  Last year many hikers had to skip that section due to the impassible sections there.  I met a few hikers going south that year in Washington, so that could be an option if the same conditions are present in 2020.

I hope this helps.


In reply to EvaP:

One of our interviewees this year, Keith Foskett, has done it (among many other routes):

It might be worth contacting him, and/or getting hold of a copy of The Last Englishman, the book in which he recounts it

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