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dollydog - on 08 Feb 2013
looking to post three tents to hong kong;i have been quoted various prices,one courier at £200,and another at £380!
anyone know a reasonable carrier they could link me to please?
rocky57 - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to dollydog:

Would it not be cheaper to buy three tents there, unless they are high end tents.
dollydog - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to rocky57:the prices they quoted are for one box.the tents are amint ultimate,and new (now defunct) phoenix tents
LaMentalist on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to dollydog:

I've not used it personally but there is a listing on ebay for Worldwide Global International Parcel Delivery Service upto 30kgs for £35.00 could be worth looking into ? Assuming you have an address in HK to send it to of course ...
matthewtraver - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to dollydog:

I'm going there on the 18th. Depending on the weight I might be able to take them for you?! Drop me a line if you want to talk.

Try the following broker websites (some may be UK/Europe only):

- Parcelmonkey
- Parcel2Go (bad experience with them...)
- Parcel Save
- My Parcel Delivery
- Transglobal Express (shipped gear to Malaysia with them before with good effect)..

In fact... a quick quote of 15kg in a 40x40x40 package was only £68.00 via Transglobal Express. Try them maybe?
dollydog - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to matthewtraver: hi matthew,a generous offer from you,,but getting the parcel to you by the 18 could present difficulty;i shall however look at the carriers addresses you have sent.
thank you.
matthewtraver - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to dollydog:

Cool no worries Mike. Transglobal Express could be your ticket
jimtitt - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to dollydog:
I ship fairly often to Hong Kong from Germany (we use DHL). The shipping times are given by the parcel couriers DON´T include the customs which is around 10 to 12 days for most countries these days so something to bear in mind.
Make sure you send the correct paperwork otherwise it´s a complete balls-up the receiving end, you either need an export invoice declaration or an export packing list if it is private, 3 items the same the customs the other end may well decide it is commercial even though you think it is private!
Send at least one copy OUTSIDE on the parcel.
Get the customs code for tents and put this on the paperwork, it makes the guys the other end much happier!
You have to declare the country of origin of the goods, even though they might have been made in HK originally it is now from wherever you are sending.
Most website booking systems insist you provide a post code, regrettably Hong Kong doesn´t use this system so either you type in loads of 0´s or contact the courier about what to do.

Correct paperwork is fairly essential, I spent 2 hours Wednesday morning extracting 2 SDS drill bits (made in Germany but sent from the USA) from the German customs as there was no receipt or invoice with them, only a declared value.
dollydog - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to jimtitt: thanks so much for all that helpful info;ive been quoted a carriage charge of £75 from one courier plus £100 "destination charge"plus a further unquoted custom charge on top.

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