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Giff Gaff / O2 - have I understood folk traveling and adventuring away from the main lines of communication in Scotland, the GG/O2 is currently the best for connectivity? I had nowt on the Corrour estate when covering a Silver DofE whilst my colleagues on Giff Gaff had text reception at least.  

In reply to Andy Cloquet:

I was on Three and changed to EE and have had much better reception in the hills 

 beh 15:18 Thu
In reply to Garethza:

Apparently Three and EE share a lot of antennas/infrastructure.  O2 and Vodafone have a similar agreement too.

I'd imagine it'd be hard to conclusively say which network was best.  Seems lots of phones are dual sim these days so perhaps having a backup payg one from the other shared network is the answer.

 Alpenglow 15:48 Thu
 SDM 00:03 Fri
In reply to beh:

They have agreements to share a lot of equipment and infrastructure so there are similarities in coverage between EE/H3G and O2/VF. A lot of sites are moving/have moved away from shared to unilateral equipment (with some splitting to completely separate sites) so the levels of coverage are diverging further all of the time.

The different networks also operate different frequencies which leads to more divergence.

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That’s all well and good but the reality is somewhat different… my experience in Cornwall was a good example. In theory, super strong signal where we were. In reality very poor.

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