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Lizzzie 18 May 2019

Can anwayone tell me, if there are sheep on Stanage at the moment?   Stanage Plantation Stanage Pole

If so, does anyone know whether we're talking ewes with small lambs  ?

Or how old the lambs are (or what month of the year) when they first appear?

I'm not a sheep rustler;  I'm writing a novel and trying to get my farming calendar right.  The farm in my story has a crag on her land and I'm unsure whether they'd have the lambs on safer pasture for a while first... or whether they only use the ruggedy crags for mature sheep.....   although now I think about it, I haven't noticed a sheep up there for ages (but wasn't looking)?

(I am also a climber but haven't posted for so long I can't even find my profile - do they get deleted after a while?)

Thanks to anyone who can help me


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StockportAl 18 May 2019
In reply to Lizzzie:

I've not been up to Stanage for a bit but elsewhere in the Dark Peak the ewes and lambs are out on the hills. I do know one person whose sheep have only just been lambing and they are in fields but on the whole those lambs which appear to be a month or so old are out on the moorland.

There was one particularly stupid sheep with two lambs on the Snake today, the lambs were inspecting the white line down the middle of the road. They'll probably be mince by next week if they carry on.

Timmd 18 May 2019
In reply to StockportAl:

You've prompted a memory I have of a father and husband beeping his horn at a sheep while driving down from Burbage, it must have taught it a valuable lesson. 'Right, I'll keep out the road now...'

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