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Flinticus - on 30 Apr 2018


Looking to go to (Rep of) Ireland by ferry via Belfast

Websites appear to focus on taking dogs into the UK but what about taking a UK registered dog out to Ireland and back again.

Do we need a pet passport for that? Consider we will be landing in Belfast and driving down and there's still an open border.


jkarran - on 30 Apr 2018
In reply to Flinticus:

We had no paperwork problems taking our non-passported mutt into Dublin out of Liverpool then out of Belfast to Stranraer. If he won't settle in the car (as ours won't) the kennels are pretty horrid (dirty, cold, very noisy belw decks on one of the legs). They're not allowed into the passenger space unfortunately (different companies may have different rules).


colin struthers - on 30 Apr 2018
In reply to Flinticus:

We took two dogs to Ireland (Holyhead - Dublin) last year. Our vet advised that a dog passport was required - and this was not cheap when the cost of updated inoculations was added in, about £160 per dog!

In the event, we were not asked to show the dog passport at either ferry terminal and could have got away without one. However, I imagine that you would be refused passage on the boat if they did decide to check and that could also be a very expensive little number. 

Personally, if I was doing it again and could afford the inconvenience of having to reschedule my trip to Ireland, then I think I would pay the little extra for a ferry ticket that was fully refundable/transferable and would chance bringing the dogs without passports.

SouthernSteve on 01 May 2018
In reply to colin struthers:

My understanding was that a passport is needed including rabies vaccination as the old allowance that allowed travel from the UK without this ran out a few years ago.


Cú Chullain - on 01 May 2018
In reply to Flinticus:

My dad has been taking his faithful border collie back and forth between UK/Ireland (via Fishguard) for years without so much as a check.

Flinticus - on 01 May 2018
In reply to SouthernSteve:

I love how they specify dog, cat or... ferret!

What about a polecat? 

Billhook - on 02 May 2018
In reply to Flinticus:

When we lived in Eire,(10 years ago) we travelled between EnglandEire a number of times with our dog on various ferries and there was never any requirement then.  The dog stayed in the vehicle but we did take her into the ferry once and for this we had to inform the ferry company to ensure there was a kennel with a place for her.


However a quick look at a couple websites it appears this rule has changed (or was never enforced when we lived there)

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Aly - on 03 May 2018
In reply to Flinticus:

I wouldn’t bother.

I’ve taken unregistered dogs on ferries (Dublin-Holyhead and Larne-Stranraer) multiple times and never been asked for anything.  Several times I’ve forgotten to add them to the ferry booking too with no issues.  

I’d be shocked if you had problems, especially as you’re taking the ‘domestic’ boat to Belfast so you only have to worry about UK travel.  What you do later in your holiday is your business.  You certainly won’t be the only car with a dog in the boot. 


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