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Nadir khan - on 11 Oct 2012
Just out in Morocco at the moment and saw there was a feature on the Anti -atlas so thought i would post a few shots and some thoughts . certainly a cool place to come to , but its definatley not sport climbing in spain . A lot of time is spent travelling to the crags , the roads can be pretty rough dirt tracks and route finding isn't that straight forward . We've been out here 5 days now and haven't seen a single other climber either in the hotel or on the crags . But , I would come out here again maybe later in the year as the S facing slopes are very hot still . The guide book we were using gives the hotel les ammandierres a big up and we stayed here, its ok , but we ate out in town as its cheaper and better .
some links to shots and a blog with some more shots
mikehike on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to Nadir khan:
The Poor Goat photo spoilt my breakfast, other than that nice photos
Emma Alsford - on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to Nadir khan: Route finding using Morocco Rock is pretty good! ;-) What climb are you on in photo oK8A3817? Looks like something in The Sanctuary opposite The Sword of Damocles? Feedback on routes very useful to us..please send anything via Thanks!
donners - on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to Nadir khan: A great crag to climb on if its hot is Icebox Canyon. The easiest approach is from the Afantinzar Road, about a km further up the road from The Sanctuary. Park 200m before the tele-mast and walk north heading for a notch in the ridge. The gully beyond leads down to the north facing walls (10 mins total).
Another great crag is Dragon Buttress (covered in the new guide-Morocco Rock), situated at the bottom of The Samazar Valley. Tucked away on the north side of the mass of rock just north of Tamdkrt village, the cliff can be viewed from the village of Ogogn(on the road to Safina).Again, just a 10 min approach.
Routes on The Flat Iron and The Pimple give good days out also. The last time I climbed on The Pimple(April 2012)we descended the gully on the right. The gully on the left has become a bit overgrown with gnarly vegetation.
Nadir khan - on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to Emma Alsford: yeah , those pics were from something in the sanctuary > the route we were going to do was dripping black moss as there had been a strom the previous night > what we did was something E1 ish , didn't really seem to fit the guide book on pitches 3 and 4, but mostly good rock and in the shade . will check out the new guide .
Nadir khan - on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to donners: thasnks for the info < will check out those areas next time we're out there

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