Ballater Rock climbs guidebook

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 JTL 23 Jun 2021

Pocket Guidebook to three crags close to Ballater. 

Topo format with 50 topos

Size A6 80 pages.

£10 + £2pp

Pass of Ballater

Vat Burn

Bellamore Craig

 MikeR 25 Jun 2021
In reply to JTL:

Received my guide the other day, very happy with it. Especially great to have good photo topos for Burn O Vat and Bellamore. Having never been to the latter I'm looking forward to exploring it.

Thanks a lot.

In reply to JTL:

Is this the new guidebook? I tried to order it from Braemar Mt Sports but it came up with a postage charge of £75  (I'm in the Highlands for feck sake). 

 Sealwife 29 Jun 2021
In reply to Simonfarfaraway:

I tried the same yesterday and postage was going to be £11.95 to Orkney, so I bought it from Needlesports instead (£2.50 or something p&p).

I think Braemar Mountain Sports maybe need to sort out their p&p charges.

 JTL 30 Jun 2021
In reply to JTL:

Sorry about the postage glitch. 

If you are having problems with this then e mail me and buy direct.


In reply to JTL:

I contacted Braemar Sport today and they weren't sure about the £75 postage charge and said it should be £11 something... Jesus! Anyway I've send you a PM

In reply to Simonfarfaraway:

Sounds like profiteering.

In reply to Rog Wilko:

I heard from them again. They said that the post office is unreliable in Braemar for opening, so they use courier for ease and this is there cheapest charge! It seems like the courier's are making lots of money, and Braemar Sports can't really be bothered to go to the post office! I'm surprised you can't get Royal Mail pick up if you are a business. 

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