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BMC Office - on 21 Jul 2010
Thank you for the great response. We now have all the models we need. Thank you.


The BMC is planning its annual hill walking and scrambling photo shoot. Every year we need a stack of fresh images representing our membership to use in BMC publications, on the website and in Summit magazine.

We’re looking for four people to be volunteer models for a day. In return for your time you’ll get to keep all the clothes you model. That generally means waterproof trousers, shell jackets, fleeces, walking trousers, tops and t-shirts – all for free.

The shoot is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 18 August and will last a full day – however the date is subject to change depending on the weather.

You need to be:
- Over 18 (there is no upper age limit)
- Flexible enough to take a day off midweek in late August at a few days notice
- Able to meet us in Manchester to travel to the Lake District, or meet us in the Lake District.
- A competent hill walker and scrambler
- Photogenic and happy to model as directed all day
- Happy to have your image in print and online for a year or two

How to apply

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer model please email with your contact details, location, a brief outline of your hill walking/scrambling experience and a recent photo. Please let us know if you are a BMC member.
Fidget - on 22 Jul 2010
In reply to BMC Office:

Ooh, I'm in desperate need of a new shell jacket, I cam spare a day of leave for that! You will shortly have mail...
kevin stephens - on 23 Jul 2010
In reply to BMC Office:


What happened to the BMC's inclusive policy? The photoshot should be open to uglys and mingers too!
darren-surrey - on 26 Jul 2010
In reply to BMC Office:

If anyone wants to "borrow" my pic to win a place, feel free. (I was expecting to read something like "Ethnic minorities particularly welcome".)
muppetfilter - on 27 Jul 2010
In reply to BMC Office: Is it true that Gore-tex (tm) is a so-called gateway fabric to the world of BDSM and Rubber fetish modelling???
m dunn - on 27 Jul 2010
In reply to kevin stephens: I suspect they don't mean photogenic. I certainly hope not!
loz01 - on 28 Jul 2010
In reply to BMC Office:

Tempting but i fly to Cham on that day.

Anyway, i would probabley get to model a pair of swimming tunks - spend all day freezing my knackers off and go home with a pair of speedos. Whopee. :0)

Cheers, Loz
Nevis-the-cat - on 04 Aug 2010
In reply to BMC Office:

In the absence of cold hard cash, will you be paying in blood diamonds?

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