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The Castle Climbing Centre is looking for enthusiastic, flexible people to join our growing Duty Managing team

Duty Managers have responsibility for the operation of the centre during opening hours and act as the designated First Aider when the centre is open. They provide a reference point for all the day’s activities for both staff and customers; they ensure that safety procedures are followed and they provide a friendly, efficient service for our customers while supporting the staff in the centre working in their specialist roles.

If you:

- are an experienced climber/instructor with SPA training (minimum);
- are able to ensure that the highest standard of health and safety are maintained at all times;
- have excellent customer service skills;
- can resolve a conflict or customer complaint diplomatically and tactfully;
- have superb written and verbal communication skills;
- can motivate a team of staff;
- are first aid trained and confident to deal with a first aid incident;
- are a practical person, able to undertake basic maintenance tasks;
- have experience cash handling;
- have the ability to manage a busy workload and keep smiling!
- and generally think that you have what it takes to be proactive in the day to day running of a busy climbing centre,

Then please get in touch!

To apply, please send a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role, along with your CV (including the contact details of 2 referees)to:

Application deadline: Thursday 23rd May
Interviews: Mon 3rd- Wed 5th June

For more information & full job description please email
paul walters - on 04 May 2013
In reply to The Castle Climbing Centre: Salary expectation ?
Deviant - on 05 May 2013
In reply to paul walters:

Strange how these positions NEVER state the minimum starting salary. I guess, all taken into consideration, it's little better than the minimum wage !
In reply to Deviant:

Please contact

He will be very happy to answer all queries with regards to the positions available.
Durbs on 08 May 2013
In reply to The Castle Climbing Centre:

How flexible do you need to be? I can touch my toes...

Simon Cahill - on 09 May 2013
In reply to The Castle Climbing Centre: I have been asked this week about salary expectations for a similar role. I have not been resident in UK for some years and felt unable to give a satisfactory response. What is / should be a fair salary for a Climbing wall supervisor (CWA / SPA) with some management responsibility, ie not an entry level position but looking after day to day operation of a small climbing wall.
paul walters - on 11 May 2013
In reply to Simon Cahill: Not sure about this one, but Swansea Council was advertising last year for outdoor pursuits instructors with SPA and were offering "zero hour" contracts (i.e. paid only for the hours you worked) at ...... £8 per hour...... crap money eh ?
syv_k - on 11 May 2013
In reply to paul walters

I would expect London pay to be much more than Swansea pay.
bpmclimb on 12 May 2013
In reply to The Castle Climbing Centre:

What's wrong with putting a starting salary? The post is quite long, gives a fair bit of detail about your requirements - I would have thought salary is basic information, which should be included, IMO.

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