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BMC Office - on 02 Mar 2018
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Launching at the BMC Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) on 9-11 March, Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million aims to raise £1 million for a range of vital path repair projects across all our national parks.

Launch party

Come and celebrate the start of this massive campaign, which is sponsored by Cotswold Outdoor and Snow + Rock, with complementary drinks and nibbles in the Showroom café bar (Showroom Cinema, Sheffield) on Friday night. This is your chance to find out more about the project and meet mountain celebs such as Alan Hinkes!

After drinks, the action moves to the main screen in the Showroom Cinema, where comedian Niall Grimes and BMC ambassador Mary-Ann Ochota will present the first session of the BMC ShAFF weekend: the mountain film session

Peak District walk

Discover why Mend Our Mountains is so badly needed by taking a Saturday stroll along Mam Tor and the Great Ridge with Mary-Ann Ochota and the MOM team, then warm up with a tasty pub lunch in nearby Castleton.



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L haystack on 13:46 Sun
In reply to BMC Office:

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From a sensitive soul in weep a while in clear the might of mimic - further furnace in resolve.

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Dave Todd - on 14:01 Sun
In reply to haystack:

Johnny?  Is that you?

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