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New mobile app for tracking climbs and training

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 jafferton91 03 Dec 2020


What is The Climbing App?

The Climbing App is a new Android application that allows graded climbs and training on the hangboard or in the gym to be digitally recorded and stored, in order to help climbers leverage their own data to improve climbing performance and ultimately make progress.

This app may be for you if you - 

  • Do strength based training and want to track sets/reps performed
  • Do hangboard training and want a digital record of each session
  • Want to view visualisations of your climbing data
  • Climb indoors regularly and want to track your climbs
  • Have an Android phone

The app can be installed via the play store here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.super8bit.climbz&hl=en_GB&gl=US.

What features does it have?

  • Log all of your training with set and rep based tracking supplemented with climbing specific attributes such as grip types and hang times. This works well for hangboarding or more generic workouts such as bench press or pull ups
  • Easily record the grade of each climb with one tap or create more detailed log entries to record hold type, terrain type and character of any given route. This is reflected in the analytics feature to show you your average climbing grade etc.
  • The Climbing App presents your data back to you to help you improve your climbing with average grades for each session and also a global average grade to indicate your climbing level, tracking of qualities such as motivation, effort and fear. You can also view your weekly load to see your training volume trends for up to a 12 month period, effort zone tracking to indicate your training composition is on track + more!
  • The Climbing App emphasises the use of notes so that it is easy to view those finer details of a session retrospectively
  • Retrospectively look back at all of your training and climbing sessions
  • Add your gym memberships into the app for gym check ins. The app will generate a barcode for you so you never need to worry about forgetting your card.

Where is iOS?

There is a basic iOS app available and more features will be added over time.
iOS preview Available here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-climbing-app/id1521135124

Try the app

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 gilesf 06 Dec 2020
In reply to jafferton91:

Looks good, apparently though 'my device is not compatible with this version', any ideas?

 jafferton91 09 Dec 2020
In reply to gilesf:

Hey, thanks for your comment. There is a lower limit on Android version. What version of Android are your running?

 gilesf 10 Dec 2020
In reply to jafferton91:

6.0 .1

 jafferton91 11 Dec 2020
In reply to gilesf:

Unfortunately that version is below the minimum, are you able to update your Android version?

 gilesf 11 Dec 2020
In reply to jafferton91:

New device incoming at Christmas, do I'll put it on that. Thanks.

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