/ New Yorkshire Gritstone Volume 1 - Now Available

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Robin Nicholson - on 16 Oct 2012
premier post photo
The new Yorkshire Gritstone Guidebook - Volume One: Almscliff to Slipstones has arrived and is available to order online via Cordee (please see the link below).

Also, here’s a link to the Issuu site with sample pages from the guide including a sneaky peak at the aerial shots and a full list of the crags included in this volume:

The guide will also be available at all good bookshops/walls/climbing shops very soon.

This guide has been produced by the Yorkshire Mountaineering Club with a team of volunteers.
The Climbing Depot - on 18 Oct 2012
We got our copies yesterday Robin. The guide is brilliant - well done to all those involved.

Robin Nicholson - on 18 Oct 2012
In reply to The Climbing Depot: Awesome. Cheers guys. Great team effort. Glad you like it.
rc on 18 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson:
Yorkshire is finally propelled into the full colour age!
The guide looks superb. Great job guys. Must have been a logistical nightmare to time publication so perfectly for the start of the season ;-)
You know it will be the end of a glorious tradition though: aimlessly bashing around Brimham for hours looking for the right buttress...
Mike Hutton - on 18 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson:

Absolutely Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just seen a copy. Yorkshire has been done proud.

Photos are absolutely top quality and the design work very nice indeed.
adi3969 - on 18 Oct 2012
In reply to Mike Hutton: Supreme job Mike , there's a fine array of your work throughout , you always need great shots in guidebooks to inspire.
bogster - on 18 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson: Brilliant effort on the guide really clear info and the topos are fantastic, i know the work it took well guide ive seen!
debbien1 - on 19 Oct 2012
Great job Robin and the team Loving the detail on the smaller crags that passed under the radar in previous versions. Roova anyone?
Andy Swann - on 20 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson:

Absolutely top draw. Great photo's, really cool hstorical stuff and I love the aerial photo's.

Well done guys.

andy mcc on 20 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson: Well done to all involved, it looks amazing. The detail on crags like Brimham and Guisecliff is superb. Who's up for a trip to Thruscross then?
James M83 - on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson: Just seen a copy - Looks great. Well done to all involved
Robin Nicholson - on 23 Oct 2012
Good news - the BMC now have them in stock:
Dave Musgrove - on 24 Oct 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson:

And to those who complained that the last one looked like the Musgrove family album you'll be pleased to note that their isn't a single Muzzy mug-shot anywhere in this volume so thats another plus!

Great job Robin. The aerial photos are a brilliant addition!

Offwidth - on 24 Oct 2012
In reply to Dave Musgrove:

You sure you're not hiding in the woods in some of the Eavestone shots? ;-)
Teams do such things...I'm on the back cover of Froggatt for instance!!
Dave Musgrove - on 25 Oct 2012
In reply to Offwidth:

I took some of the Eavestone crag shots but made sure I stayed behind the camera this time!

Talking of Eavestone - one of my favourite grit crags of all time. I'm a little disappointed that the routes on the Eavestone itself didn't qualify for full colour stars. We gave the whole block a complete makeover in March and even the slabby, easier routes on the back were pristine clean once again. Not sure what the summer monsoon has done to them now but suggest folks consider an early spring visit next year when, hopefully, they will still be in pretty good nick.

adi3969 - on 25 Oct 2012
In reply to Dave Musgrove: Hi Dave, you know as well as I that unfortunately Eavestone does not get the same traffic as its big neighbour and as a consequence the climbs soon revert to their natural veneer. We made a big point on page 438 that they had been cleaned this year and so warrant visiting as there is no doubting these are quality routes. The same ethic has been applied to Guisecliff, as the last thing we want to do is mislead the reader by giving such routes solid stars.
And watch this space as I'm sure there's an action shot with your name on for vol 2

Dave Musgrove - on 25 Oct 2012
In reply to adi3969:

Hi Adi, I wasn't meaning it as a criticsm and I agree with the reasoning; I think you have got emphasis just right with Eavestone. I was just expressing a bit of personal disappointment that these routes have never attracted the attention their quality deserves. With so much new stuff to go at though I suspect that as usual even the 3 star routes here will get overlooked again. Its a pity because Crazy Paver got rave reviews from the group of my mates who repeated it this Spring. Its every bit as good, if not better, than Alamo and King of the Castle but I agree its shady, north facing aspect makes it less accessible for much of the year and therefore re-grows vegetation and lichen at a faster rate.

Offwidth - on 25 Oct 2012
In reply to Dave Musgrove: Some of us keep trying to sing its prasises (at least for Eavestone.. I'm not as convinced yet for sub E1 stuff on Guisecliffe ;-)
adi3969 - on 25 Oct 2012
In reply to Dave Musgrove: Cheers Dave,just letting the wider public realise the rationale behind the hollow stars and lets hope the topos manage to entice folk to these less climbed areas, its certainly made me visit places I never thought I'd go.
Dave Musgrove - on 25 Oct 2012
In reply to Offwidth: Thanks Steve I know you like Eavestone,

Its a shame about Guisecliffe but the vegetation has got considerably worse there over the last 40 years. I remember on early visits in the 70s just walking along the bottom and picking off lines like Footpatter, Roc's Nest Chimney and many others at will and climbing them ground-up with no cleaning required. I went back a couple of months ago and found it very hard going. Do I just expect more these days? I don't think so. I think Dave Gilyeat's quote is spot on. "If doused in defoliant and swivelled through 180 degrees it'd be better than Brimham" - unfortunately thats not likely to happen any time soon. However, there are some classic lines there but they are generally very hard won.
Graeme Hammond - on 11 Nov 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson:

bought one yesterday and took it to Almscliff today, just wanted to say what a great guide from what I've seen so far and congratulations to all involved.

It's good to see Yorkshire grit get such stunning coverage with this 'modern' guide.

I'm looking forward to volume 2 and some more quality days out (keep this quite but always feels special to escape the Peak to Yorkshire)
Robin Nicholson - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Graeme Hammond: Thanks very much Graeme for taking the time to give us that feedback. Much appreciated. I'll pass it on to the team. All the best, Robin
daprince - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to Robin Nicholson: Cracking guide, good work indeed. Sypeland suddenly jumps to the top of my crags to visit list. A somewhat gushing review here. I'm just delighted to have all the info in one place.

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