Signed books, old books, h/b and rare books.

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Chris Bonington Mountaineer. 1st p/b, Chris’s own book given to me to sell. Signed by himself, Leo Houlding and Paul Braithwaite. New.  £25

Tenzing Ed Douglas. Given to me and signed by Ed himself.  1st h/b. £25

The Magician’s Glass. Ed Douglas. Rare now as a signed ltd edition. H/b no. 120/200.  £49

Vertical Pleasure. Mick Fowler Rev edition 2006, 1st h/b. As new £23

Arka Tagh. William Holgate. New, Given to me and signed by William. 1st h/b  £27

Quest into the Unknown Tony Howard. Signed special edition, new. The man is amazing ( and he likes my cakes!) £25

The Ascent of Everest John Hunt. A curiosity this one. 1st/3rd impression h/b but signed by all 11 members of the cast of Hobson’s Choice - as a gift.  £25

Unknown Pleasures Andy Kirkpatrick special cloth bound 1st edition. Signed by Andy. £25

This My Voyage Tom Longstaffe. 1950 1st edition Signed! By Longstaffe who was a member of the 1924 Everest reconnaissance expedition. Extremely rare signed.   £270

All 14 Eight Thousanders. Reinhold Messner. 1st edition signed by Messner with a gift declaration for the previous owner.  £37

Freedom Climbers. Bernadette McDonald. New 2012 reprint (1st was 2011) signed by Bernadette and Voytek Kurtyka (Paul got him to sign at the Alpine club dinner- he rarely signs)  £79

Mountain Photography  C Douglas Milner 1st 1945 no dj  Signed by him in Nov 1958.  £49

Winter Climbing. Ian Parnell and Neil Gresham. P/b Rockfax 2009 1st. Ian’s copy signed by him and given to me.  £23

Etoiles et Tempetes. Gaston Rebuffat 1st French edition 1954. Signed by Rebuffat with a dedication.  £37

Mountains of the Midnight Sun. Showell Styles. 1st edition 1954. Signed by Styles with a dedication.  £69

Structured Chaos. Victor Saunders. 1st ltd edition no. 87/200. Signed by Victor and Mick Fowler  (who is on the front of the book)  £49

Flammes de Pierre. Anne Sauvy. 1st English edition 1991 signed by Anne. £18

The Shishapangma Expedition. Doug Scott and Alex McIntyre. 1994 reprint h/b signed by Doug. £25

My Father Frank. Tony Smythe. 1st h/b 2013 signed by Tony Smythe.  £21

Clouds from Both Sides. Julie Tullis. 1st h/b 1986 signed by Kurt Diemberger  £59

Snow in the Kingdom Ed Webster 1st h/b signed by Ed.  £25

Scrambles amongst the Alps.  Edward Whymper 6th edition 1936 Snowflake cover, no dj, great condition, all maps etc. Has previous owner’s name in.  £49

The Romance of Mountaineering  R L G Irving 1st h/b with a dj. Good condition and all photos and tissues present.  £21

Portrait of a Mountaineer. Don Whillans. 1st h/b 1971, from the library of the explorer and climber Peter Roberts, includes a Xmas greetings card signed by Whillans.  £109

Hardbacks/unsigned/all £8 plus pp. :-

Virgin on Insanity.  Steve Bell.                                Postcards from the Ledge.  Greg Child.             Coming Through.  Andy Fanshawe.                  Distant Snows ( brand new) John Harding.   Beyond the Mountain.  Steve Howse.          Revelations. Jerry Moffatt.                                          The Totem Pole. Paul Pritchard. 

please add postage and email me to buy or for photos/more info. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

I forgot to say that all proceeds go to Community Action Nepal. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Structured Chaos sold. Thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Unknown pleasures sold. Thank you

 llanberis36 03 May 2021


Can I buy the Gaston Rebuffat book please


In reply to llanberis36:

Yes of course. Rebuffat book now sold. Thank you

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Freedom climbers is now sold. Thank you

In reply to Linda Orritt:

I can be flexible on price in these tougher times - especially with ‘gifted’ books as I will still make some money for Community Action Nepal. Please email me if you’re interested in any, looking for anything or want to do a deal? Thanks 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

HI Linda,

Can I have:

Messner x14 8000m

Steve House Beyond the Mountain

Flammes de Pierre Anne Sauvy


In reply to Ian65:

Yes of course and thank you. Can you email me your address and I’ll send bank details and either post or deliver them for you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hello Linda,

                  May I take Chris Bonnington's Mountaineer please? 

Thanks and Regards,


In reply to jimmccall:

Yes of course you can and thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Don Whillans book and card now sold. Thank you 

 laughitup 06 May 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Can I get Revelations please?

In reply to laughitup:

Yes of course. 

In reply to Ian65:

Hi Ian. Would you still like these? 

In reply to Linda Orritt:


Beyond the Mountain and 

Flames now sold. Thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

That should say ‘Flammes’ 

 smithsroute 13 May 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt: is Julie Tulis and Andy F still free ? If so can I have them thanks 

In reply to smithsroute:

Yes they are. Thank you. I’ve dm’d you with details 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Julie Tullis and Andy Fanshawe books now sold. Thank you. 

In reply to laughitup:

Hi would you still like this book? 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Last week of this post! Happy to take a little less on those still available. The £8 can be £6 plus postage if that helps to move them on? 
Nepal  is really suffering atm. Community Action are running an extra appeal to raise funds for more nurses as the walk to hospitals and health centres is so far and arduous. 

 Greenbanks 19 May 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Lost track on this one, Linda. What's left??

In reply to Greenbanks:

Out of the £8 hardbacks- which I’m happy to sell at a bit less. There are:-

Virgin on Insanity 

Postcards from the ledge

Distant Snows

Revelations and 

The Totem Pole  

From the signed and rarer books there are:

Tenzing Ed Douglas  can do for £20

The Magicians glass can do for £45

Vertical Pleasure      “””     £20

Arka Tagh    “””           £20

Quest         £20 

The Ascent of Everest  £20

Unknown Pleasures   £20

This My Voyage        £250 is the best I can do as this will go for auction at a later date  

Mountain Photography £45

Winter Climbing   £20

Mountains of The Midnight Sun    £50

The Shishapangma   £20

My Father Frank   £17

Snow in the Kingdom  £20

Scrambles amongst the Alps   £39

The Romance of Mountaineering   £17

i don’t normally reduce price but am overwhelmed with books atm and Nepal is in dire need of funds  

Do your best for me please? 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

All books arrived safe & sound, and are in beautiful condition.


 smithsroute 21 May 2021
In reply to Ian65:  Received my books too - all in great condition !! Thanks

In reply to smithsroute:

Thank you both for the nice comments. I’m glad you’re happy with them 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Virgin on Insanity 

Postcards from the Ledge

Distant Snows

Vertical Pleasure

My Father Frank

are all now sold. 
thank you

 Pedro50 28 May 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Shishapangma if available please 


In reply to Pedro50:

Thanks Peter.yes it’s still available,  I’ll post it to you tomorrow. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

The Shishapangma is now sold. Thank you

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