The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland, Guy Robertson

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 robertmichaellovell Global Crag Moderator 12 Nov 2020

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The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland is an anthology of outrageous climbing adventures from twenty-six of the most extraordinary sea cliffs across Scotland. From the farthest flung sandstone sea stacks of the northern isles, to the granite playground of the Aberdeenshire coast, via the intricate archipelago of the Hebrides, all the major sea cliffs on the Scottish mainland and surrounding islands are covered in five distinct sections. Each area is described in rich detail and accompanied by personal accounts that offer an intimate perspective of the distinctive nature of this unique environment, and the generous rewards for those willing to accept the challenge of these seemingly improbable lines.

The book is available directly from our store, with free shipping, and with orders typically dispatched the day after order placement.

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 petegunn 17 Nov 2020
In reply to robertmichaellovell:

I recieved my copy of the book today and what a book it is.

Unfortunatly pages 69 - 74 where not glued and simply fell out when i opened the book, hopefully this is just a problem with my copy. I have contacted the SMC to let them know of the problem to see if it can be resolved.


 robertmichaellovell Global Crag Moderator 18 Nov 2020
In reply to petegunn:

Hi Pete,

Thanks for that and sorry about the issue you've experienced, it's a one off as far as I know. As per our email communication yesterday we're sending you a replacement book today.


 climb41 25 Nov 2020
In reply to robertmichaellovell:

Hi, could you confirm what makes the Special Edition ..erm.. special? Apologies I might have missed it, but couldn’t spot the difference on the website. 


 robertmichaellovell Global Crag Moderator 25 Nov 2020
In reply to climb41:

Hey, I've just realised that some words have gone missing from the product page, thanks for the spot. The special edition version comes with a protective slipcase, you can see how it looks if you scroll through the product image gallery on the special version.

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