Boltiau Rhydd yn NhanGrish

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 CJclimbs 03 Apr 2021

'sgrifennn'n Gymraeg, oherwydd rwyf yn gwybod mae'r person sydd yn edrcyh ar ol y graig yn gallu dalld yr iaith, ac ddim eisiau gormod o gyhoeddusrwydd at y graig, ond ni ydwyf yn nabod chi yn bersonol i yrru neges iddoch.

Neges i adael chi wybod, mae o leiaf ugain bolt yn rhydd ar graig TanGrish (ddim eisiau dweud yr enw yn llawn i bobl gyfeithu), i'r pwynt lle dydi nhw ddim yn saff i'w ddefnyddio, 'llu mae o leiaf chwech o'r rŵts ddim yn gallu eu dringo o gwbl. 

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 djwilse 03 Apr 2021
In reply to CJclimbs:

Surely if the person that you want to tell about the loose bolts doesn’t want too much publicity then writing a cryptic message in Welsh might actually draw more attention to it?!

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Or if you are local, you could pull out any really loose ones and replace with a bolt-products glue in? 

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Google translate:

I write in Welsh, because I know the person who looks after the rock can catch the language, and doesn't want too much publicity about the rock, but I don't know you personally to send you a message. Message to let you know, at least twenty bolts are loose on TanGrish rock (don't want to say the full name for people to translate), to the point where they are not safe to use, there are at least six of the ruts can't climb them at all.

I'm amazed how accurate this translation sounds.

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 CJclimbs 04 Apr 2021
In reply to sharpendadventures:

As was I. I'm surprised, as I  know there's couple of typo's in there. Google Translate seems to have come along quite a bit. 

Also, the person I was trying to contact got the message! Success!

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