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andyman666999 - on 13 Jun 2017
Anyone know what the state of the cornice in Cheedale is like following the last few weeks of constant rain? Also does anyone know if there is a website with updates of these things - I had a couple of internet searches but nothing that was up to date. Cheers
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Hey Andy,

The latest ascents list on the Chee Dale Lower crag page is always quite telling of what's been going on, and the fact there hasn't been much logged recently is - I am afraid to say - quite representative of the state that it's been in.

I was down there on Sunday and it was pretty gopping; however, that's not to say that it won't be dry again today (particularly on the left hand side). For more regular updates drop me a PM and I'll send you a link to the Peak Sport Climbing Conditions/Partners/Re-Bolting FB Group, it went private a year or so ago due to the quantity of spam requests admin were receiving.

Hope that's of help.

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I'm not sure what current conditions are but your best bet for conditions updates is probably the "Peak sport climbing rebolting/lifts/partners/conditions/beta" group on Facebook - it gets updated fairly regularly and is also a great place to find partners.

Plus there is also an excellent video of someone falling in the river on the way to Chee Tor
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andyman666999 - on 13 Jun 2017
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Ha ha brilliant. Good advice re Recent ascents. Cheers
rocksol - on 13 Jun 2017
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Piss wet through other than RHside
stp - on 14 Jun 2017
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Has the group thought about sharing their reports via a public web site? Although Facebook don't like to share 'their' content with others and deliberately make it difficult to do so there are third party, online services that make it possible. can generate RSS feeds from Facebook. I imagine this could be pulled into another web site, maybe UKC ?, providing a really useful service to the wider climbing community.
GravitySucks - on 14 Jun 2017
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Was down ther last night and with the exception of a few routes on the extreme right hand side the entire cornice is a wash-out unless you're into kayaking ;-) Much worse than say, a month ago, may take a prolonged period of dry weather to sort it out and then a lot of traffic to clean it up again!
andyman666999 - on 14 Jun 2017
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Yeah checked it out last night and can confirm that ! Rubbish seeing as it was dry and cleaning up in early may.
GravitySucks - on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to all:

Anyone got a fresh conditions report for the Chee Dale Cornice after the recent spell of warm dry weather ?

andyman666999 - on 21 Jun 2017
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It was still seeping badly when I checked on Tues. Didn't see the far right hand side but there was no one climbing there so would assume it's all damp.
TonyM - on 27 Jun 2017
In reply to andyman666999:

Went down the Cornice today. Surprisingly dry really, after the poor conditions of a couple of weeks ago. Only really looked in the Clarion Call area but that was all perfectly clean and dry. There were still some patches of seepage around in places, but a good number of routes looked in good nick. There was a cool breeze helping with drying when we left, but obviously forecast tonight and Wednesday isn't looking great, so who knows what state it will be in after that.

We visited the Nook first, that wasn't in such good condition with a fair bit on munge and soapy holds.
stp - on 02 Jul 2017
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Any updates from this weekend? And how about Two Tier?
Man city - on 02 Jul 2017
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One of my mates went down on fri eve for a recce and reckons cornice is in half decent nick, haven't got anymore specific details than that though
We are heading there today, so can report later.

Hope this helps
zmv - on 02 Jul 2017
In reply to stp:

I was at the Enbankment which was bone dry. Two tier looked dry across the river and there were plenty of parties trying things.

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