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Janine Lane - on 09 Jan 2013
Hi i have been having problems with frozon shoulder problem and bloody siactica , i have had some great advice in regards of siactica on the forum thanks to everyone responding, But is there anyone out there who climbs with frozon shoulder aswell who can help??? thanks again janine lane
NottsRich on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to Janine Lane: I've just read your two posts with interest becuase I had frozen should in the past, and have just got sciatica as well!

With the frozen shoulder, I think I picked it up from a kayaking injury that went unnoticed on a long trip. When I got home and rested it started scarring around the cuff, and it's tee buildup of scar tissue in and around the joint that causes the pain. I was prescribed strong NAIDs (can't remember what, you doctor would suggest something) and physio exercises. A few months later and it had gone completely. It sometimes re-occurs, but a few quick stretches help.

I found kayaking really helped (odd as that's what caused it). When it hurt a lot I had to take the painkillers and then exercise to break up that scar tissue. I had it in one shoulder only. I held a pole (broom handle etc) in both hands in front of me resting against my thighs. I'd slowly lift it up keeping it horizontal until it was directly above my head. The good arm guides the bad. From down to up took about 5-10 seconds and was very painful to start with. The drugs, and doing it every few hours helped a lot. Sleeping at night was the hardest bit.

It's starting to flare up again this week, mainly due to sitting at a desk too long at work. Any sort of mobility exercise is good (swimming, kayaking etc) but don't overload the joint and damage it more.

Good luck!
Gwilymstarks on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to Janine Lane:

There is a physio in Liskeard who has done wonders with mine via shock therapy. I can pm you his details if you like but will be a few days until I get home and find them
molly2202 on 09 Jan 2013 - []
In reply to Janine Lane: Hi there. May sopund a wee bit odd, but try and find a good Osteopath.....I had shoulder and neck pain a few months ago, after 6 months in Nepal pulling on axes. It got so bad it was causing dizzy spells and all sorts of odd stuff.

He rightly ID'd that I had broken my shoulder years before and the leverage excercises he gave me were awesome....

I climb at 7a/b sport, so pull a lot, and his treatment has had me back fighting fit....

Just a thought.....
ddriver - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to Janine Lane: I had frozen shoulder several years back. Fortunately my wife is a physical therapist and we worked together to restore it over several months time. Stretching is key, routine and prolongued. I could feel the adhesions peeling back. We also did something called a pectoral release on a frequent basis. Look it up. See if you can find a therapist or stretching partner.
damo5000 - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to Janine Lane:

I fractured and dislocated my right shoulder about 5 years ago,

Had physio from the second week after the injury, in the third or forth week after the physio decided I had a frozen shoulder.. Due to me not mobilising it enought (I did everything I was told until that point!!)

He claimed it could be like it for over three years and joked it was ok as I didn't play tennis!!!

I dropped the car home and went to the pub nearly in tears and really needed a pint!
As a hiker/ photographer and everything active person I really couldn't think of much worse! I had a couple weeks off work, still only being able to move my arm 6" Ended up feeling very very low with a stinking cold.... One day I had a sneezing attack, and then huge pain in my shoulder.... Days after I realised the sneezing had broken some of the scar tissue and I had much better movement!

I did sone exercises with the giant rubber band they give you, and general stretching etc, with some very light strengthening exercises for the relevant muscles.

Now my shoulder is stronger than ever, I started climbing late last year and feel great, if I can do it so can you ;)

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