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Arne Larsen - on 14 Sep 2017
I'm trying to "locate" a lady named May Jeffrey, born sometime around 1865, who made several ascents and one 1.ascent of Troldtind in Lofoten, Norway in the summer of 1890, accompanied by two "norwegian gentlemen". She was from GB, probably from Scotland, studied english literature at Oxford and were on several trips to Norway.
She also wrote a report of the ascent in the norwegian touristassociation yearbook of 1890 in english.
I'm writing a book about lady climbers in Norway and would be very interested if someone had more information about her and maybe photos.
I'm also writing a chapter about Evelyn Spence Watson, daughter of Robert S. Watson - she was the third woman who climbed Store Skagastølstind in Jotunheimen in the summer of 1894. Likewise, backgroundinformation or photos of her would be hugely appreciated
Best regards Arne Larsen
rogerwebb - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to Arne Larsen:

It could be Mabel Jeffrey. She was a member of the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club (founded 1908).
There is a picture of her in the book, 'Rising to the Challenge' 100 years of the Lscc. Page19.
I will try and scan and email you a copy later today.
Looking at the picture she could just be your woman but has a bit of an ageless face so its hard to tell.
The LSCC still exists and has a website.
rogerwebb - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to Arne Larsen:

Also worth contacting Robin Campbell of the Scottish Mountaineering Club. He gave a lecture last year that included Harold Raeburn and others of the SMC in Norway at the end of the nineteenth century. The two clubs are related and in those days families often spanned both. I would guess he would have as much knowledge as anyone.
Arne Larsen - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to Arne Larsen:

Hello Roger.
Thanks for your reply. I tried sending mails to both you and Robin Campbell but something went wrong. I'm not sure what, but both mails came in return and were not delivered.
I have been in contact with the scottish ladies climbing club, but they couldnt say if May and Mabel were related or infact the same person.
My email is: and I would greatly appreciate if you could send the photo of Mabel.
The book is due to come out around christmastime this year.
I have also written about two other pioneers from GB : Elisabeth Main (Aubrey Le Blond) and Margaret Green, with 1. ascents on the Lyngen Peninsula and Hurrungane, Jotunheimen, but their exploits are fairly well known in Norway and I have managed to find some nice photos of both.
Evelyn Spence Watson is rather unknown, although she was 3 lady who climbed Store Skagastølstind, "the Matterhorn of northern Europe". I have some biographical details about her but have sadly not found any photos.
If you could help with any of this it woud be greatly appreciated.

Best regards Arne Larsen, Oslo

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