/ Recommend me a consultant for a messed up ankle

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kirsten on 15:36 Wed

Pain not really diminishing after a really bad sprain 4 months ago, can anyone recommend someone to go and see (nhs or private) please. 



Big Lee - on 18:52 Wed
In reply to kirsten:

I used to work with Dominic Nielsen when I worked in the NHS and would recommend him. He does private clinics as well:

I'm interested to hear other options you get as I also have a foot and ankle problem that might need a second opinion from someone in London. 

Edit: The London Foot and Ankle Centre look a safe bet, although I've no person experience with using them.

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kirsten on 22:18 Wed
In reply to Big Lee: thank you. I’ll take a look. 


petegunn on 18:54 Thu

Chris Jarrett was the chap that helped Leo Houlding when he smashed his talus bone.

Other docs said it would have to be fused but Chris managed Leo's treatment back to near full recovery and movement.

I've seen him about shoulder impingment and calcification and would highly recommend him.




kirsten on 00:32 Fri
In reply to petegunn: sorry, I should have said London, but thank you anyway. 


La benya - on 09:51 Fri
In reply to kirsten:

I just had my ligaments reattached (brostrom repair) and an endoscopy by mr Ali abbassian of sports orth in the city. My NHS doc referred me but I went private as it was quicker. 


No previous experience of this type of recovery but, I was walking again after 2 weeks and feel pretty well healed now after 5. He seems to hve done a very neat job  

Highly reccomend London Bridge Hospital. 

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