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Cusco - on 10 Sep 2018

Just a reminder (particularly as Torbs is increasingly popular) that the 'layby' opposite the house is not a designated parking place but a turning circle for vehicles taking the sharp right/left turn towards/from the hamlet. There is also an adjacent gate leading to a field beyond.  Please don't park there and park in the car park up the hill if there is insufficient parking on the road before the turning circle.

Yesterday, two vans were parked in the turning circle making it much harder for vehicles to make that turn (including me - and, due to the hill, I scraped the bottom of my estate when forced by those vans to do a two point turn there).  It’s also dangerous having to do a two or three point there given the blind corner beyond the house and the speed of some cars heading towards Ipplepen. 

  1. From Pete Saunders’ South Devon Guide – “Please park considerately by avoiding the turning circle.  There is another car park which is a 5 minute walk up the hill.”
  2. From UKC online crag logbook – “Park before the turning circle on the right. If busy use the car park up the road, Do NOT park in the turning circle.”
  3. From Javu South West Climbing News 2013 (replicated in the separate Javu New Routes info for Torbryan) – “Torbryan Parking 17 September 2013
    Note: Please DO NOT PARK IN THE TURNING CIRCLE JUST DOWN THE ROAD FROM THE CRAG (i.e. opposite the junction). If there is no space to park safely on the road then use the car park - this is found on the left up the hill, heading towards Ipplepen, and only a 5 minute walk from the crag.”
  4. Torbyran annex to Rockfax Dorset and Rockfax West Country Climbs only mention the car park up the hill (“Park here”).

PS - many thanks to the local/s who have replaced the old worn bolts.  Great job.  Looking forward to some cooler days and better friction!

Ged Desforges - on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to Cusco:

That's nick b and Russ. Great work.

There's always plenty of room in the car park. Up the hill, just after the left turn. There's even a path that runs parallel to the road in the woods, so you don't have to walk along the road 

danm on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to Ged Desforges:

A shout out to Marti from the Dorset Bolt Fund is also due, and to Guy vG for hooking things up. Guy invited me down to run a BMC bolting workshop for the locals, and put me up, Marti came a considerable distance to donate some kit and establish links so people got the kit they needed. I'm just doing my job, but these guys are all volunteers, heroes one and all. Such a good crag isn't it as well?

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