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 PaulW 28 Oct 2023

Just about to complete couch to 5K and was wondering how to progress.

I used to run but not for about 20 years, pushing 70 years old now with slightly fragile knees.

Got no interest in racing or competing of any kind, a parkrun would be as far as that gets.

Would like to progress to 10K or so. Not bothered how quickly I can run it.

I liked the NHS app with structured runs and timing reminders.

Is there anything along those lines that would guide me taking the next steps? Downloaded the Nike Run Club so will have a look at that.

 montyjohn 28 Oct 2023
In reply to PaulW:

My main advice would be to run as slow as you can. Priorities how much time you can spent running, not pace or duration.

If you can run so slow you avoid getting out of breath and get some decent duration running you'll see the benefits.

 SouthernSteve 28 Oct 2023
In reply to PaulW:

Reading your post I thought:

  1. Increase distance or speed, never both at the same time (for more run:walk see to get your distance up and allow you to feel any aches and pains before its too late)
  2. Don't presume the number of the days of rest that are recommended in generic plans are appropriate - you might need longer
  3.  Do some strength and conditioning exercises recommended for older runners (usually bodyweight only)

Hope this helps.  Steve

 Wimlands 28 Oct 2023
In reply to PaulW:

3 months into a new running routine is a typical time for injury to strike as your tendons/ligaments struggle to catch up with your muscles/lungs.  So I’d take 2 weeks off to rest 😀

Then maybe check out a local running club? They sometimes do 5k to 10k courses.

OP PaulW 28 Oct 2023
In reply to PaulW:

Thanks for the thoughts. I was planning to take a week off for a bit of consolidation. I do cycle so the aerobic base is there. I like the idea of extending the time frame for muscles to adapt to new movement patterns.

Already do some basic weight training routines, will look to adapt these more for running, same with the stretching too.

And I like the idea of going slower.....

 George Ormerod 28 Oct 2023
In reply to PaulW:

I think Steve’s run walk suggestion is a good idea. You’ll soon get to 10k taking it steady over a few weeks and if you haven’t already headed out on the trails it’s a good way to cover a bit more ground than a bimble in the countryside. 

Remember the golden rule for being a veteran athlete: don’t get injured. 

 petemeads 28 Oct 2023
In reply to PaulW:

parkrun got me back into regular running (488 to date) and started Mrs Pete's adventures in running at the same time. Thoroughly recommend the whole experience, socially and athletic. No need to go fast but easy to get carried away! I'm a good bit older than you, with hip replacements... Steady jogging a couple of times a week as well would give you a good base for extending towards 10k or more.

 JimR 28 Oct 2023
In reply to petemeads:

67 yo runner and cyclist here. start slowly building mileage and do lots of stretching. A couple of trips to the gym are useful to build muscle to protect these fragile knees! A quick trip to a sports physio for advice might not be a waste of money .. ie I thought I had a dodgy knee but physio said it was a weak glute and gave me exercises to remedy .. made a world of diffrerence!

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