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3/4 day Alps ski tour

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 JonnySchofield 11 Jan 2020

Hi all, 

My girlfriend and I are looking to do a multi-day tour in the Alps this spring and were looking at route options. We've done 10-15 single day tours but I don't think we're up to anything on the scale of the Haute Route quite yet! Has anyone done any fun 'smaller' multi-day tours that they can recommend. 


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I'd be interested in any answers so I'll give you a bump!

 jabc 21 Jan 2020
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I'd recommend the Haute Maurienne. Good snow in the spring and relatively uncomplicated glaciers. Suggested route below:

Bonneval sur Arc - Refuge Carro. Could also take in Levanna Occidental / Aiguille Grand Rousse too if you start early. There is an avalanche prone slope on the approach which faces SE so worth an early start if there is avalanche risk. 

Carro - Refuge Evettes via Col de Trièves. It's possible to take in other peaks too along the way. Col de Trieves is avalach prone 

Refuge Evettes to L'Albaron then down to Bonneval or alternatively down to the Averole refuge and do another tour from there. The descent down to Bonneval is great but there is a narrow 40 degree section which has seracs way above it so worth taking care there. As i understand it the descent to the averole is more straightforward. 

It's a classic route. But when we did it in good weather in April a couple of years ago there were very few others on it and reservations were not an issue in the huts. Huts are also much cheaper than Switzerland c. 50 euro half board at most. 

 Pina 21 Jan 2020
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How are you with glacier travel?

The Swiss alpine club have a number of itineraries which are with checking out (will need to have a search to see where I found them last time). 

Though my experience has been that a lot of the longer tours will be in the high mountains where you'd be looking at haut routes.

Did a quality 3 day a few years ago in Bintal which could fit the bill but I'll need to rack my brains for what the route was.

 AdrianC 21 Jan 2020
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Some good options around the Queyras.

 SiWood 21 Jan 2020
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the silvretta area should fit the bill taking in a couple of easy summits and nice compfy huts along the way. Access from ichgl or Galtur

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