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JohnV - on 10 Jan 2018

A buddy and I have a month skiing in Canada coming up, flying into and out of Vancouver. We will probably rent a car for maximum flexibility / probably some sleeping in. We will definitely ski Whistler for 3 or 4 days, then loose plans are Pemberton and Revelstoke.

Any tips on keeping costs down (especially in Whistler which I hear is expensive), ski touring suggestions, which maps to get etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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Minneconjou Sioux on 11 Jan 2018
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Pretty sure there will be bunk houses in Whistler. Its only about an hour and a half out of Vancouver so might be better to get a bus than rent a car. Sleeping in a car will be very cold.

GRUMPY MONKEY - on 11 Jan 2018
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Supermarkets in whistler very expensive. Apparently locals but in squamish. Or buy in Vancouver before you leave there.

Andrew Wilson - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to JohnV:

Not hugely helpful but a bloke I used to work for went to Canada for a couple of months before he joined the army. 

He slept in a storm drain and worked as a dishwasher in a hotel kitchen to pay his way. 

This obviously ties you to one location, so for that reason alone it would probably not suit your needs. 


OwenDay - on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to JohnV:

When you arrive head to MEC in Vancouver to get your maps and guide books for Duffey Lake and Rogers Pass/other areas.

Good info on routes

Duffy Lake has a couple cabins you can stay in overnight, best to go on weekdays to avoid the weekend warriors. - Keith's Hut

Rogers Pass likewise has a couple small huts but you'll need to reverse a spot as they book up quickly through The Alpine Club of Canada. Sapphire Col hut is usually pretty empty due to it's location and size. 

If you're looking for something else then maybe head North to Terrace, couple huts in the area as well as a great little ski hill with good backcountry.

Bring a camping gear as there's always good spots for basecamp locations.

Have fun!


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