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gavc0 on 20 Sep 2013
Hi there,
Just a quick one as thought's are turning to the coming winter...
How easy is it to stay in ski resorts with a campervan/motorhome?
Issues like:
fresh/waste water
Chemical toilet
electric hook up

I have seen many areas at resorts dedicated to motorhomes, is this on a first come first served basis or is there a booking system with the locals?
any info would be very gratefully recieved!
Many thanks

Rob Exile Ward on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0: I'll give this a bump because I'm interested too. I've seen motorhomes at Alpe D'Huez, for example, they looked really cosy - and are probably larger than some French ski apartments!
Cuthbert on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

Buy the book All the Aires and do a lot of reading beforehand.

Usually First come, first served but the smaller resorts, of which there are hundreds, don't get too busy depending when you are there.
gallthyfryd on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0: check outBourgStMaurice,there is a site which is close to the funicular up to les arcs,which then gives access to all of paradiski,enough skiing for a fortnight! It is close to the supermarche,cheaper and more varied supplies than in resort,and convenient for la rosiere, tignes and val d isere,if you want a change. Another plus of staying in Bourg might be avoiding the tortuous hairpins up to resort and the possible need to fit chains if the authorities require them to be fitted,never an easy task Especially at the end of a long drive!hope this is useful ,andy.
Run_Ross_Run - on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0:
Need a bit more info.
What country are you planning on going to?
Cowflinger - on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0: Le Versoyen is the campsite in Bourg St Maurice referred to above. You can book on I stayed there this summer for 5 nights for 96 euros in a converted van. I recently checked winter availability for skiing and the price is the same. Excellent campsite and facilities, the supermarket mentioned above is in walking distance as is the funicular up to Les arcs.
woolsack - on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0: I stayed in the RV parking in Alpe D'Huez in January in my truck. They charged €10 a night with access to the flot bleu for electricity, water and to dump your toilet. It wasn't massively busy then

You needed to drive your vehicle up to the flot bleu thing each night. Some canny French guys had parked up very close the flot bleu and had a permanent extension lead set up but no-one kicked up

In Alpe D'Huez we were literally a few minutes from the lifts which was useful as I end up carrying al the skis for the kids

If you are taking a normal motorhome you need to think about how to stop all your water systems freezing up when it gets cold.
woolsack - on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to Rob Exile Ward: La Plagne looks like it has a nice RV parking area near the garage

I bought the 'All the Aires' book for this summer's jaunt and it does list some useful aires in and around the French resorts. Thinking of Courcheval for next year but both of the ones listed in the book don't take many vehicles and I have to go half term The one at Les Menuires takes 74 vehicles according to the book
JakeWShaw on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0:

We stayed at a site in the resort of Samoens, I think this is a link to there slightly outdated website!

It worked out cheaper than a normal trip but the campsite still has things such as heated boot/ski room and heated showerblocks.

The main gondola and ski hire shop are a couple of minutes walk and the village itself isn't too much further.
dave frost - on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0: You need to be a bit carefull if your wild camping sometimes as it can piss people off, but don't forget about the french parking rules!

We stayed in Chamonix last xmas, we parked up in a few different places which was ok. But nearly all the free water supplies were frozen, or were banked out in deep snow (couldnt find one of them!) we did spend a fe wnights in a winter campsite, dumped out water, charged up and got fresh water.

There's usually some aires on the way into resort which are a bit lower that wont be frozen.

The all the aires book is ok, but not easy to use, and not always accurate. Dont forget your hose pipe for filling your water from the taps.

gethin_allen on 29 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0:
My parents do it for around 3 weeks every yearin France. They tend to stay at the smaller satellite resorts that have lift access to bigger places. These days they are starting to regulate and charge for parking at the resorts but this isn't usually expensive. You can get water from most places and you just dump your toilet cassette down any public toilet and give it a few flushes. Some places offer an electric hoo but you see and hear people running their generators. How comfortable the whole thing is depends on your van. Having got rid of me and my sister my parents now have a big hymermobile with all the trimmings so life is luxurious and they go away for months at a time in it.
aligibb - on 30 Sep 2013
In reply to gavc0:
Theres a good campsite that has spaces for motorhomes in Chatel, in the portes du soleil. It has a massive drying room etc for all the ski stuff. I know a couple people who lived ther for the whole winter and its better than being in a tiny frnch matchbox apartment. theres also a parking area reserved for RVs at Pre la Joux which is where some of the lifts go from. And the skiing is great!!!
woolsack - on 30 Sep 2013
In reply to aligibb: That looks interesting. Not least that it is a good three hours less on the road getting there!
Kanobi - on 30 Sep 2013
In reply to woolsack: It's highly doable! I lived in my VW for 5 months in La Grave and Deux Alpes. Depends how much of a dirtbag you want to be of course but my season pass gave me access to the swimming pool so that was showers sorted!
In most of the French resorts there's always a contingent of motorhomes. IN Deux Alpes the Gendarmes will move you on if you park in the town (they dont seem to mind smaller campervans - I never got asked to move) but there is dedicated spaces and most resorts I've been to have them.
Here's a few pics of my van:
woolsack - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to Kanobi: I was going to ask how you managed 5 months without a dunny then I saw the thunderbox under the seat
Kanobi - on 02 Oct 2013
In reply to woolsack: And honestly, I swear I didn't use it! The french are so efficient when it comes to catering for these things!!

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