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lisa69 on 21 Jul 2013 -
i am trying to find info on a climb in Cumbria
between 1950 and 1970 John Ampleford used to climb regularly. his daughter visited Cumbria recently and locals were talking about a climb called johns conundrum she wondered if it was possibly named after her father but was unable to find out any info, there was a possible mention of sears fell, i am trying to find out if any one has any info on a climb around this area named johns conundrum, and would appreciate any info regarding this
thank you Lisa
Mark Bull - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to lisa69:

I've been trying to find out where Sears Fell is, but have drawn a blank: anyone know where this might refer to?
In reply to lisa69: I searched the word files of all the FRCC guidebooks first ascent lists and there is only one route with Conundrum in the name and that was only climbed a few years ago. I have also searched for the name Ampleford in the first ascents to no avail.

Of course it's possible he didn't record it but I've never heard of Sears Fell and neither it seems has Google.
simondgee - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to lisa69:
That Stephen can't find it is a blow but doesn't rule out finding a possible answer.
1. What would help is to know which bit of Cumbria she visited as that would narrow down the locals e.g. to a specific valley/town/village?
2. Are we talking about Rock climbing or is it possible the climb is the broader term for getting up a hill/mountain so may refer to a sneaky wa to get past an impasse, That 'locals' knew a name suggests this more so than if it were local climbers (rock climbers).
3. The 3rd thought Sears Fell may be a simple transcription error. Somebody says 'oh yes that was on Sca Fell' (normally pronounced Scar written down as Scar Fell) and handwriting then misread as with the 'c' seen as an 'e' Sear Fell...

On Shepherds Crag the really popular route everybody climbs as Ardus was originally called Andus until a transcription error crept in, and the likes of Scaw Fell, Doe Crag, and Wastdale have all changed...albeit 90 years ago.
lisa69 on 04 Aug 2013 -
In reply to simondgee:
thank you for assistance i will go back to her and see if i can get any more info, i was given a climbers guide and found sears fell but have lost the booklet it was a rock climb route, but any one else have any ideas where i might ask it would be apreciated thank you to those who have replied,
lisa 69
Skyfall - on 04 Aug 2013
In reply to lisa69:

Although he was too modest to mention, Stephen Reid probably has about as much info and local Lakes climbing information at his fingertips as anyone. You're 'talking' to the right people here anyway.

Stephen, would any of the older generation such as Denis E know have any more info?

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