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Climbing shoes for beginners - recommendations!

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 naichapman 20 Apr 2019

Hi all,

I've just started climbing, I've been a few times and at the moment I just use hire shoes at the climbing centre.

I'm looking at getting my own shoes soon and wanted to ask for recommendations for some women's climbing shoes. 

I've found some Five Ten shoes that I really like, please see here > 

If anyone has these or has had them before, it would be good to see what you thought! 

Thanks in advance!


 tehmarks 20 Apr 2019
In reply to naichapman:

The first and foremost consideration is fit - you really need to go into a shop and find out what fits well and what doesn't. There are huge differences between the fit of different manufacturers and even within manufacturer, and it's the difference between having a shoe you can happily climb in and a show which cripples you before you've even left the ground.

 naichapman 20 Apr 2019
In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

Thank you! 

 naichapman 20 Apr 2019
In reply to tehmarks:

Yes, I'm going to try different brands on at a climbing centre and see what fits best. Thanks! 

 slab_happy 20 Apr 2019
In reply to naichapman:

> wanted to ask for recommendations for some women's climbing shoes. 

What everyone else said about trying shoes on and finding the ones that suit your foot shape best, but I'd add:  don't assume that if you're a woman, you automatically need a "woman's climbing shoe".

The "women's" model is generally narrower and lower volume relative to the "men's" one, but different brands and lasts vary a lot by how narrow/wide they are to begin with. So the "women's" model might or might not be the best fit for you with any given shoe. I'm female but my feet are happier with the "men's" La Sportivas.

Plenty of men wear  "women's" model climbing shoes (which is why some brands have started referring to them as "LV", low-volume, models instead) and vice versa.

In reply to naichapman:

Don't let anyone tell you they need to be uncomfortably tight, or that your toes need to be curled. Snug, flat, and comfortable is the way to go otherwise you'll hate climbing. You can get advanced shoes once you're advanced. 

 springfall2008 23 Apr 2019
In reply to naichapman:

You have to try on shoes to get something that fits, you can't choose them online.

That said, if they do fit you the go-outdoors own brand 'Climb-X' will be a good choice for a first shoe, you may replace it in 6-12 months but then it's likely you will change your shoes in that sort of timeframe if you are just starting out anyhow.

 PaulJepson 23 Apr 2019
In reply to naichapman:

If you want a pair of comfortable beginner shoes then hold a pair upside down and see how curved the rand is and how aggressively down-turned the sole is between toe and heel. Straighter and flatter they are then the more comfortable they generally are.

I have a pair of 5:10 Rogues which I use for comfy all-day shoes and they're really good.

All down to your specific foot-shape though. Don't be tempted to buy anywhere else other than a climbing-specific shop (or at least try them on there first).

 88Dan 23 Apr 2019
In reply to naichapman:

There really should be no such thing as beginner climbing shoes. your first pair of climbing shoes could be a pair of 5.10 pinks or a pair of boreal jokers. don't be tricked in to thinking that you need a pair of shoes aimed at beginners. all that matters is that your shoes fit and are comfortable whether you pick a specific pair of beginner climbing shoes or something more advanced.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.