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hawkeyefxr - on 10 Apr 2018

Hi all, just starting out on this walking thing in a bid to keep a bit healthy, at 70 it might be a bit late in the day but hey you never know.

I would like to pick someones brain on walking boots. At the moment i have a pair of Karrimor boots, they cost £35.00 about a year ago. I know they are not your top notch boots but my funds do not reach those heights. I will say they are a perfect fit but that's where it ends, when i bought the boots they came with different length laces Karrimor though this was acceptable on a new pair of boots. 

I walk the dog for an hour a day and after 1 year the stitching is splitting at the side , i think this is sub standard workmanship and have told them so but they don't want to know. Needless to sale i will not but Karrimow again and will trey to put off and one doing so.

Can anyone suggest a good boot at a reasonable price please

DancingOnRock - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

Unfortunately Karimoor were bought by various Far East countries before Sports Direct bought them and you get what you pay for. 

Paying more on any other boot will pay dividends and a good pair will last you 10years or more. 

Neil Williams - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

You won't get good boots other than used for £35, unfortunately.  You need to spend about a hundred quid for a reasonable all round summer boot.

Andy Johnson on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

For sub-£50 hi-tec make some reasonable boots that are adequate for moderate use on paths and the like. For a bit more you could get a pair of lower-end Salamon boots. Snow and Rock appear to have good price reductions on their web site at the moment.

Sadly, Karrimor is not what it used to be. They used to make some decent kit but now it's just a brand name that Sports Direct uses to sell the same low-quality mass-produced stuff that they specialise in. I'm not surprised that you got nowhere with your complaint. 

Lornajkelly - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

Karrimor are a sad loss to the world out outdoor gear - my Dad used to swear by KSBs.  

I'd be inclined, personally, to look at a higher specification second-hand.  If you're on facebook join the gear exchange forum, or try Ebay.  Failing that, you can get some absolute bargains at Go Outdoor or Decathlon.  Go Outdoor have Berghaus and Regatta models for less than £100.  I'd steer clear of Hi Tech but maybe I've just been unlucky.  Check out Duke of Edinburgh recommended kit because it's cheaper but has to be good quality.

A decent pair might be more than you were willing to pay, but consider that I paid £160 for my Scarpa boots and they've been absolutely perfect for five years (with plenty more miles in the tank).  If they last me another five (which is incredibly pessimistic because they still feel box-fresh) I've effectively paid £16 each year.

Best of luck, and I'm sorry you got stung with poor-quality kit!  You're right, though - never too late!

oldie - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

I certainly hope 70 isn't too late in the day!

Your boots have lasted 365 days X 1 hour so probably at least 1000 miles and not bad at the price? If they are both comfortable (very important) and functional then its probably a bargain at today's prices.

If you get a new pair consider running a suitable glue or seam sealer over the vulnerable stitching to protect it and to stop it pulling out if a strand is cut. Bootlaces are cheap or use allternative cord or cut one down if too long.

FWIW I have expensive scrambling and mountaineering boots (£200+). However for everday walking, often on very rough ground and sea level traversing I use Sports Direct cheapest Gelert boots (about £20) which require no maintenance, sometimes with an extra insole for comfort. I prefer ones without a waterproof or breathable waterproof lining as the latter are useless if water does get over the top and are also heavier and more sweaty.

GrahamD - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

Personally I'd never buy second hand walking boots as the fit is so critical to comfort and to me unworn soles are very important.


What shops do you have access to ? if you have access to a Go Outdoors or a Decathlon, I'd go there and plan to spend a couple of hours trying shoes on and directly comparing your options.  Sometimes you can get a real bargain but I'd say at the £35 price point Karrimor would not be atypical, unfortunately.

Neil Williams - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

FWIW I have a pair of Merrell Moab 2s (Gore Tex) which were £112.50 from Go Outdoors and are very comfortable, very grippy and lasting well - a very good summer boot.

richlan - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

I would be ecstatic if any shoe, boot or trainer i bought for £35 fitted perfectly and lasted an hour of walking a day for 365 days, i think you got a bargain.

Wee Davie - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

It's a shame Karrimor stuff is so poor these days. They were a really good brand back in the day. I doubt Sports Direct really care much about that as long as the cash keeps flowing in. I tried on a pair of their trail shoes a while ago. The fit was terrible, the sole material was really soft and you could see they wouldn't last very long at all.

Having said all that, it's ironic that I do use one of their shell jackets for Winter. It's a proper 3 layer eVent hardshell called an Alpiniste. I bought it about 4 years ago for £80 and have to say it's as good as any other 3 layer hardshell I've ever had (but a third of the rrp). Probably culled it from the range as it cost too much to make. 

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pwo - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to hawkeyefxr:

I'm still searching for the 'One boot to rule them all...' I'm fortunate to live in a great spot with excellent access to many and varied walks. Me and pooch walk approx 10 miles every day regardless of weather. I've tried top end boots in excess of £120 (Scarpa and Salewa) which have lasted approx 1 year each. The cost of resoles and new rands doesn't make economic sense. Equally I've tried a wide range of boots in the £30 - 50 bracket which on average only last about 3 months. My present pair (Karrimor) have lasted 3 months before the stitching came away on the sole. The best 'advice' I got was from Chris at 'Upandunder' who basically said I'd struggle to find any walking boot that'll put up with four season abuse and use regardless of weather. But the top end boot will still allow me days in the bigger hills and lower grade climbs on my tod. So it works out easier and cheaper in the long run to get a really good boot in excess of £120 but know it'll only last approx 1 year. 

I have great frustration with shops when I return boots after 3 months with leaks and sole falling off and getting no redress.

However if anyone can recommend anything that'll last beyond I'll give it a go.

The New NickB - on 11 Apr 2018
In reply to DancingOnRock:

> Unfortunately Karimoor were bought by various Far East countries before Sports Direct bought them and you get what you pay for. 

Karrimor have never been owned by “Far Eastern countries” or indeed companies from Far Eastern countries. It was acquired from the Parsons family in 1996, by an Italian venture capitalist who continued U.K. manufacture, then a South African sports group, who started movinv manufacture to the Far East, then Sports Direct following receivership in 2004.

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