/ Fiend's grading revolution: Unveiling time set.

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Fiend on 29 May 2002 - usr1287-bra.blueyonder.co.uk [cache-cro-hsi.cableinet.co.uk]
No doubt your appetites for Fiend's hotly anticipated shake up of the grading system will have been whetted to the point of salivation by previous indications of it's arrival: http://www.ukclimbing.com/caff/forums/t.php?t=17215&v=1 and http://www.ukclimbing.com/caff/forums/t.php?t=17075&v=1 .

Fear not, the time is soon. After much deliberation, I have set 9:00 am on Saturday 1st June as the time that the revolution will commence. You will be advised to attend the internet-exclusive unveiling of this new grading concept to fully appreciate how it will enhance your climbing lifestyle.

It is coming...
Arran Willis on 29 May 2002 - ACB7E178.ipt.aol.com
In reply to Fiend:

i'm exited arleady, but can we delay the launch for a few hours, saturday is my lie in day.
Fiend on 30 May 2002 - usr1557-bra.blueyonder.co.uk [cache-cro-hsi.cableinet.co.uk]
In reply to Arran Willis:

Don't worry, even if you miss the opening ceremony, the new grading system will be part of everyday guidebook usage very shortly.
Robin on 30 May 2002 - whois?
In reply to Fiend: But it's a long bank holiday weekend - every responsible climber should be away climbing!
Woker on 30 May 2002 - host152.argonaut.com
In reply to Fiend:
I hope the hype aint gonna out weigh the reality....
Simon Andrews on 30 May 2002 - host217-34-219-169.in-addr.btopenworld.com
In reply to Fiend:

world cup or fiends new grading system.

let the rating wars begin.
hoseyb - on 30 May 2002
In reply to Simon Andrews:

surely thats ranting wars..
Fiend on 30 May 2002 - 213-48-74-168.bra.cvx.blueyonder.co.uk [cache-cro-hsi.cableinet.co.uk]
In reply to Robin: You will need a 4 day holiday to recover from the shock of how innovative. Besides, you may even be able to put it into action over the weekend!!

In reply to Woker: Most assuredly not!!

In reply to Simon Andrews: Whatever this "world cup" thing is (some culinary event?), it will be no contest.
MadBadger on 30 May 2002 - unknown []
In reply to Fiend:

This is very exciting, but I may be driving in the car at this time - have you a way to do SMS to my 'phone so I don't miss out?


Currently a VS,5.8,F5C+,V0,english 4b grit climber...
Jungle on 30 May 2002 - whois?
In reply to Fiend:
Can you not release it this afternoon so we all know what grade we are climbing this weekend and we can push a new grade without actually pushing a new grade and we can compare grades on Wednesday and.... and... this one time at band camp.....

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