/ NEWS: Hard Ascents in Germany's Frankenjura

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UKC News - on 13 Oct 2009
[Sarah Seeger redpointing Steinbock (F8c), Frankenjura, 3 kb]German climber Sarah Seeger has climbed Steinbock (F8c) in the Frankenjura. This is Sarah's first F8c and is the first F8c to be climbed by a woman in the Frankenjura. Sarah climbed the route on the 3rd of October after an intensive period of effort working the climb throughout September.

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chris_j_s - on 13 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC News:

Incredible effort for Sarah - first female 8c in the Frankenjura is a great landmark.

And regarding Markus Bocks route, you get so used to hearing about ascents of hard sport routes that I think its easy to forget just how hard these climbs are but this stood out for me:

"He finally redpointed the project on his 7th attempt of the day"...

I'm sure normally accepted tactics are that the returns diminish after the third redpoint attempt. Just shows the amount of effort and dedication involved.

Good account and history of the route on the moon blog:


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.