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Rainbow Rocket - Cambridge's dedicated centreRainbowRocket5
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COMPETITION: Win a Rab Alpha Direct JacketUKC/UKH Articles-
NEWS: US Alpinist Hayden Kennedy dies at 27 RIPUKC News5
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NEWS: Molly Thompson-Smith 5th in Wujiang World CupUKC News4
COMPETITION: Win a £250 gift voucher to spend at Joe Brown Shops!UKC/UKH Articles2
NEWS: Mt Blanc Minimum Equipment By-Law IntroducedUKC/UKH News74
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FRI NIGHT VID: Katie Lambert & Caroline George in LofotenUKC News30
FRI NIGHT VID: Chris Schulte - First ascents in SwitzerlandUKC News8
The Dorset Bolt Fund - Fund Raising, Rebolting and Bolt FailuresUKC Articles45
COMPETITION: Win a Jay II or Jayne II Harness from EDELRIDUKC Articles2
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INTERVIEW: Mark 'Zippy' Pretty and Andy PollittUKC Articles12
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PRODUCT NEWS: Free Lowe Alpine ski pack when booking selected Jagged Globe ski toursUKC Gear-
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