/ Video from Ice climbing festival in Iceland 2009

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Pjasi on 04 Nov 2009 - whois?

Me and Róbert have been putting to gether clips from the ice climbing festival in Iceland 2009.
This year it was in the West fjords in a valley called Bíldudalur

Here is the video:


Next years festival 2010 will be in the SE part of Iceland

More info on :

Pezz on 04 Nov 2009 - 0x5da764f6.cpe.ge-1-1-0-1104.bynqu1.customer.tele.dk
In reply to Pjasi: Hi, I missed you guys last year, the weather turned a bit warm and we drove south from Kaldakinn. I think my friend skabbi, was in your group. This year I'll try to make it back. When will you have the festival?
Pjasi on 05 Nov 2009 - whois?
In reply to Pezz:

Yeah, Skabbi was there and it was a bit warm.

But next year it will be from 18.02.2010 to 21.02.2010
TobyA on 05 Nov 2009
In reply to Pjasi: Great video, thanks. Your WI4+s look pretty terrifying let alone the WI6!
Pjasi on 06 Nov 2009 - 89-160-145-50.du.xdsl.is
In reply to TobyA: Thanks, these pillars were good looking.
TobyA on 06 Nov 2009
In reply to Pjasi: There isn't much info on what the Ice Festival entails on that website. If some foreigners turned up for it, would there be some locals to show them about, give advice etc? I visited Iceland years and years ago on my way to Greenland, but we just hung out in Reykjavik waiting for the weather to improve. I've always fancied visiting again and ice looks fantastic, although looking at the video I think I would be more interested in the WI3s!
Pjasi on 06 Nov 2009 - whois?
In reply to TobyA: We have had some foreign people coming to the festival. They have just contacted the alpine club with email.

But the festival has not been fully planed. Only thing that has been planed is it will be in the SE. probably we will be using Icelandic mountainguieds station in Vatnajökull National Park for sleeping and cooking and hanging out.
But if you come here in the winter for some Ice climbing it might be difficult finding some Icelander to go climbing with on week days. And the ice climbers here are not that many.
Pjasi on 11 Nov 2009 - whois?
In reply to TobyA:

Found an article on the internet, people that came here ice climging 2007.


Fun to read.

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