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Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh Isle of Skye
Monday 23rd
Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh Traverse (III 3)

Mon Apr 18 14:46
Mon Apr 18 14:44
Mon Apr 18 14:42
Mon Apr 18 14:40
Mon Apr 18 14:39
Mon Apr 18 14:37
#saislo LO for 18/4. No significant new snow is expected. Generally stable snowpack. Low hazard.
Sun Apr 17 15:19
#saisnc NC for 18.4: A dusting of new snow above 1000m. Old snowpack becoming firm during the day. Low Hazard.
Sun Apr 17 14:58
#saisgl GC for 18/4 Dusting of new snow above 900m. Old moist snowpack firming and stable - exists on N to E aspects above 900m. Av haz Low.
Sun Apr 17 14:38
#saissc SC for 18.04 Well bonded and stable snow throughout. Very little snow present below 900m. Avalanche hazard will be Low.
Sun Apr 17 14:35
#saisto TOR for 18/4 The snowpack will remain limited, patchy and stable throughout. A dusting of fresh summit snow is possible. Av Haz Low.
Sun Apr 17 14:33
#saiscm CM for 18/04/22 Weak residual cornices. Trace of windslab N to E aspects above 1000m. Good general stability. Low Hazard.
Sun Apr 17 14:31
#saisnc NC for 17.4: Thaw conditions. A stable well bonded snowpack. Wet snow instabilities on steep terrain. Cornice collapse. Low Hazard.
Sat Apr 16 15:19
#saisgl GC for 17/4 Snowpack stability will be generally good in most locations. Remaining cornices will be prone to collapse. Av Haz Low.
Sat Apr 16 15:16
#saissc SC for 17/04 Thaw conditions. Well bonded, stable snow throughout. Risk of cornice collapse. Avalanche hazard Low.
Sat Apr 16 15:14
#saislo LO for 17/4. Thawing and generally stable snowpack. Remaining cornices unstable. Low Avalanche Hazard.
Sat Apr 16 15:12
#saiscm CM for 17/04/22 Patchy, well-bonded snowpack. Good stability. Suspect residual cornices above some E aspects. Low Hazard.
Sat Apr 16 15:10
#saisto TO for 17.4 Patchy thawing snowpack. Generally well bonded and stable. Any remaining cornices prone to collapse. Hazard Low
Sat Apr 16 15:07
#saislo LO for 16/4. Gradual thawing snowpack. Good stability. Unstable cornices. Low hazard.
Fri Apr 15 15:22
#saisgl GC for 16/4 Snowpack stability generally good in most locations. Remaining cornices prone to collapse. Avalanche hazard Low.
Fri Apr 15 15:21
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