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Pavey Ark Cumbria
Saturday 11th
Jack's Rake (I)
Masson Lees Quarry Derbyshire
Sunday 12th
Heavens Above (M7+) 2 ascents
Hook me up (M5+) 2 ascents
Chelly Express (M7)
Saturday 11th
Hook me up (M5+)
Newhaven East Sussex
Friday 10th
Warm Up (M5+)
Straw Pig (M7+)

Mon May 25 10:36
Mon May 25 10:35
Mon May 25 10:34
If you go into backcountry for any snow sport activity completing this short survey will help inform key info proviā€¦ https://t.co/UIhVR0UxEG
Thu May 07 10:47
Mon Apr 27 14:39
Mon Apr 27 14:39
Mon Apr 27 14:38
Mon Apr 27 14:38
Mon Apr 27 14:38
Mon Apr 27 14:37
Mon Mar 23 16:00
Mon Mar 23 15:59
Mon Mar 23 15:59
Mon Mar 23 15:58
Mon Mar 23 15:57
Mon Mar 23 15:57
#saisnc NC for 23.3: Gale to storm force S winds. Isolated instabilities on NW to NE aspects above 1000m around steep coire rims. Low Haz.
Sun Mar 22 16:49
#saisgl GC 23/3 Poorly bonded windslab mainly on NW to E aspects above 850m including fragile cornices. Gullies affected. Av haz Moderate.
Sun Mar 22 16:48
#saisto TOR for 23.3.20. Generally stable snowpack. Isolated steep terrain instabilities on W through N to E aspects above 700m. Av Haz Mod.
Sun Mar 22 16:41
#saislo LO for 23/2 Localised unstable windslab above 800m on NW, N, NE and E. Consolidating elsewhere. Large cornices. Hazard Moderate.
Sun Mar 22 16:38