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Creag Meagaidh Highland
Friday 15th
Staghorn Gully (III) 2 ascents
South Pipe Direct (IV 4) 2 ascents
The Wand (V 5) 2 ascents
Bidean nam Bian - Stob Coire nan Lochan Highland
Saturday 16th
Boomerang Gully Left-hand Finish (II)
Friday 15th
Twisting Grooves (IV 5)
Ordinary Route (Central Buttress), AKA Raeburn's Route (IV 4)
Bidean nam Bian Highland
Friday 15th
West Chimney (V 7) 2 ascents
Aonach Eagach - Sgorr nam Fiannaidh Highland
Friday 15th
Aonach Eagach Ridge (Winter) (II) 2 ascents
Stob Ban Highland
Friday 15th
North Buttress - East Ridge (II)
Beinn Eighe Highland
Friday 15th
East Buttress (Winter) (IV 5)
Beinn a' Chaorainn Highland
Tuesday 19th
East Ridge (Winter) (II)
Carn Mor Dearg Highland
Friday 15th
Carn Dearg Meadhonach East Ridge (Winter) (II)
Mullach nan Coirean Highland
Friday 15th
Ramp Route (II)
Ben Nevis Highland
Tuesday 19th
The Curtain (IV 5)
South-West Ridge (IV)
Jacknife (V 6)
Turf War (V 6)
Monday 18th
Fatboy Slim (VI 6)
Nutless (VI 7) 2 ascents
Sunday 17th
Route I (VI 6) 2 ascents
Route II Direct (VI 6)
Inception (V 7)
Walking Through Fire (VII 7) 4 ascents
Friday 15th
Castle Ridge (III)
Gutless (IV 5)
Walking Through Fire (VII 7) 2 ascents
Cairn Gorm - Stob Coire an t-Sneachda Invernesshire
Sunday 17th
Fingers Ridge (IV 5) 2 ascents
Cairn Gorm - Creag an Leth-choin (Lurcher's Crag) Invernesshire
Tuesday 19th
Left Hand Icefall (III) 2 ascents
Sunday 17th
Central Gully (III 4) 4 ascents
Friday 15th
Shapeshifter (VIII 8) 2 ascents
Cairn Gorm - Sron a' Cha-no Invernesshire
Tuesday 19th
Anvil Gully (IV 4)
Coire Fee Angus
Sunday 17th
A Gully (I)
B Gully Chimney (Winter) (III 4)
Backdoor Gully: Direct Finish (IV 4) 2 ascents
Diagonal Gully (III) 2 ascents
Backdoor Gully (II) 2 ascents
Driesh Angus
Sunday 17th
Backdoor Gully (II)
Caerketton Hill Midlothian
Friday 15th
Left Gully (I)
The Cobbler Argyll and Bute
Friday 15th
Great Gully (II)
Chockstone Gully (II)
Clogwyn y Garnedd Gwynedd
Sunday 17th
Left-hand Trinity (II 2) 2 ascents
Central Trinity (II 2) 2 ascents
Friday 15th
Left-hand Trinity (II 2)
Craig Dafydd Gwynedd
Sunday 17th
Crib Lem (II 2)
Dow Crag Cumbria
Friday 15th
'C' Ordinary Route (Winter) (V 5)
Blencathra Cumbria
Sunday 17th
Sharp Edge (Winter) (I/II)
Mam Tor Derbyshire
Friday 15th
The Sisters of Mercy (Winter) (I/II)
Mam Tor Gully Direct (II)
Masson Lees Quarry Derbyshire
Saturday 16th
The Warm-Up (M6)
There we are then ein-stein (M5+)

#saiscm CM for 20/01/21 Mod hazard. NE to SE aspects above 950m and in selected gullies at lower altitudes.
Tue Jan 19 16:46
#saislo LO for 20/1. Cool & settled. Some unstable windslab remaining in sheltered N through E to SE aspects ab… https://t.co/w1F2AB4cES
Tue Jan 19 16:44
#saissc SC 20.1.21 Generally well bonded and stable, isolated instabilities in steep lee locations. Avalanche hazard Low.
Tue Jan 19 16:43
#saisgl 20/1/21 GC Unstable windslab in steep locations mainly on NW to SE aspects above 800m. Gullies mostly affected. Av haz Considerable.
Tue Jan 19 16:41
#saisnc NC for 20.1: Dry, cold. A mostly stable snowpack with isolated instabilities on steep convex NE to SE aspects above 950m. Low Hazard
Tue Jan 19 15:17
#saisto TO for 20.01. Windslab with some cross loading and instabilities on N through E to SW aspects above 800m. Avalanche Hazard Moderate.
Tue Jan 19 15:15
#saissc SC 19.1.21 Moderately bonded windslab on NW to E aspects above 900m. Fragile cornices developing. Avalanche hazard Mod.
Mon Jan 18 16:33
#saislo LO for 19.1 Unstable windslab mainly on N-E-SE aspects above 900m. Also NW. Cornices above N-E-SE aspects unstable. Haz Considerable
Mon Jan 18 16:30
#saiscm CM for 19/01/21 Cons hazard. NE to E aspects above 900m. Fragile cornices around coire rims.
Mon Jan 18 16:27
#saisgl 19/1/21 GC. Unstable windslab on NW to SE aspects above 800m. Steep gullies, exits and headwalls mostly affected. Haz Considerable.
Mon Jan 18 16:23
#saisnc NC for 19.1: Unstable windslab on NE to SE aspects above 950m. Isolated instabilities on N aspects. Fragile cornices. Moderate Haz.
Mon Jan 18 16:11
#saisto TOR for 19/1 Unstable windslab, localised, steep slopes, N thru E to SE aspects above 800m. Other areas stable. Av Hazard Moderate.
Mon Jan 18 16:09
#saisnc NC for 18.1: Snowpack firm and stable. Isolated windslab on NE to SE aspects above 950m, coire rims gully exits affected. Low Hazard
Sun Jan 17 16:44
#saislo LO for 18.1 Unstable windslab mainly on N-E-SE aspects above 900m. Unstable cornices above these aspects. Hazard Considerable
Sun Jan 17 16:33
#saiscm CM for 18/01/21 Considerable Hazard on N through E to SE aspects above 900m. Fragile cornices around coire rims.
Sun Jan 17 16:23
#saisgl GC for 18/1/21. Fresh unstable windslab mainly on N-E-SE aspects above 800m. Fragile cornices. Considerable hazard.
Sun Jan 17 16:17
#saissc SC 18.01.21 Moderately bonded snow on NW through N to E aspects above 900m. The avalanche hazard will be Moderate.
Sun Jan 17 16:13
#saisto TO for 18.01. Localised windslab instabilities on N to E aspects above 900m. Elsewhere generally firm and stable. Hazard Moderate.
Sun Jan 17 16:10
#saissc SC17.01.21 Localised moderately bonded windslab in steeper, wind sheltered locations above 900m on NW to NE aspects. Av Haz Moderate
Sat Jan 16 17:02
#saisnc NC for 17/1: Windslab developing on N,NE and E aspects above 1000m. Cross loading on NW. Avalanche Hazard Moderate
Sat Jan 16 16:58