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Creag Dubh na Caillich Highland
Thursday 23rd
Training for the new Munroism (M4)
Ballachulish Bridge Argyll and Bute
Sunday 26th
Central Crack (M3) 3 ascents
Central Groove (M3) 2 ascents
The Roof (M4) 3 ascents
The Works Cumbria
Sunday 26th
Stein Pull (M6)
Grand Design (M7)
First Blood (M9+)
Saturday 25th
Time and a Half (M5) 3 ascents
Double Time (M6) 2 ascents
Overtime (M6) 2 ascents
Grand Design (M7)
First Blood (M9+)
Steves Corner (M6) 4 ascents
Slab Middle (M3)
Masson Lees Quarry Derbyshire
Saturday 25th
The Warm-Up (M6)
Hook me up (M5+)
Hooke, line and sphincter (M6)
Just Watt the doctor ordered (M4+)
Ooh it's a Lovelly, Lovelace slab - deep thought not deep throat (M3)

Thu Sep 09 14:54
Congratulations to 4 new forecasters joining the SAIS team after successfully completing the forecaster Training pr…
Thu Jun 17 19:33
Sun May 09 16:21
Sun May 09 16:20
Sun May 09 16:18
Sun May 09 16:17
Sun May 09 16:15
Sun May 09 16:14
#saislo LO for 9/5. Localised instabilities on steep NW and N aspects above 1000m. Moderate hazard. Generally stable elsewhere
Sat May 08 16:28
#saiscm CM for 9.5 Stabilising snowpack. Localised instabilities N-E-SE above 900m. Weak cornices above these aspects. Wet snow pm. Haz Low
Sat May 08 16:14
#saissc SC 09.05.21 Moderately bonded snow in wind sheltered locations on W to N aspects above 900m. Unstable cornices. Av Hazard - Moderate
Sat May 08 16:11
#saisgl GC for 9/5/21. Generally stable snowpack. Localised wet snow instabilities mainly on steep SW-NW aspects above 900m. Low hazard.
Sat May 08 16:09
#saisto TOR for 9/5 Snowpack stability generally good. Minor wet snow instabilities, steep E, thru S to W aspects above 850m. Av Haz Low.
Sat May 08 15:57
#saisnc NC for 9/05. A few instabilities at the top of NW to NE aspects above 1000m. Any fresh cornices prone to collapse. Moderate hazard.
Sat May 08 15:55
#saisnc NC for 8.5.21. Stability mostly good, New windslab developing mostly abv 950m on NE,N aspects in day. Winds V strong SE. Hazard Mod
Fri May 07 15:51
#saiscm CM for 08/05/21 Mod hazard. Weaknesses in older deep snow N to ESE aspects above 900m, new windslab N to W aspects. Large cornices.
Fri May 07 15:45
#saissc SC 08.05.21 Moderately bonded snow in wind sheltered locations above 900m on all aspects except SW. Avalanche Hazard - Moderate
Fri May 07 15:28
#saisgl GC for 8/5. Generally stable snowpack. Localised unstable windslab developing mainly on steep W-NW aspects above 900m. Low hazard.
Fri May 07 15:26
#saislo LO for 8/5. Generally stable but with localised instabilities on steep slopes later in the day. Low hazard
Fri May 07 15:24
#saisto TOR 8/5 Shallow snowpack. Generally good stability. Pockets of windslab above 850m, E thru S to SW aspects above 850m. Av Hazard Low
Fri May 07 15:21
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