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Lochnagar Aberdeenshire
Thursday 22nd
Central Buttress (II)
Creag Meagaidh Highland
Friday 23rd
Staghorn Gully (III)
Tuesday 20th
Staghorn Gully (III)
Monday 19th
Ritchie's Gully (IV 4) 2 ascents
South Pipe Direct (IV 4)
Fairy Godmother (III) 2 ascents
Buachaille Etive Mor Highland
Friday 23rd
Curved Ridge (II/III 3)
Thursday 22nd
Curved Ridge (II/III 3)
Tuesday 20th
Crowberry Gully (IV 4)
Curved Ridge (II/III 3)
The Chasm (IV 4)
Monday 19th
Crowberry Gully (IV 4)
Curved Ridge (II/III 3) 3 ascents
Easy Gully (II)
Ben Alder Highland
Tuesday 20th
Short Leachas (I)
Right Gully (III)
Monday 19th
Long Leachas (I)
Stob Coire nan Lochan Highland
Monday 19th
Dorsal Arete (II)
Twisting Gully (III 4)
Bidean nam Bian Highland
Friday 23rd
Crypt Route (winter) (V 6)
Aonach Eagach - Sgor nam Fiannaidh Highland
Monday 19th
Aonach Eagach Ridge (winter) (II)
Aonach Mor Highland
Friday 23rd
Daim Buttress (III)
Thursday 22nd
Easter Gully (II)
Monday 19th
Western Rib (III)
Downhill Gully (I)
An Teallach Highland
Monday 19th
An Teallach Ridge (Winter) (II) 2 ascents
Liathach Highland
Tuesday 20th
Gully 7 (I)
Twisting Gully (II)
Stob Coire nam Beith Highland
Tuesday 20th
Deep-Cut Chimney (IV 4)
Beinn a'Chaorainn Highland
Wednesday 21st
East Ridge (II)
Beinn Bhan Highland
Monday 19th
Dormouse Chimney (IV 5) 2 ascents
Na Gruagaichean Highland
Wednesday 21st
Na Gruagaichean via the Southern col (I)
Am Bodach Highland
Tuesday 20th
Ring Of Steall (Winter) (I)
Ben Nevis Highland
Wednesday 21st
Waterfall Gully (IV 4)
Carn Dearg Cascade / CIC Icefall (V 5)
Tuesday 20th
The Curtain (IV 5)
North East Buttress (IV 4) 3 ascents
Observatory Ridge (V 4)
Point Five Gully (V 5) 6 ascents
Tower Ridge (IV 3)
Vanishing Gully (V 5)
Carn Mor Dearg Arete (I) 2 ascents
Monday 19th
Harrison's Climb Direct (IV 4) 2 ascents
Minus One Gully (VI 6) 2 ascents
North East Buttress (IV 4)
Hadrian's Wall Direct (V 5) 2 ascents
Point Five Gully (V 5) 2 ascents
Observatory Buttress (V 4) 2 ascents
Orion Face Direct (V 5)
Tower Ridge (IV 3) 3 ascents
Vanishing Gully (V 5) 2 ascents
Comb Gully (IV 4)
Tower Face of the Comb (VI 6)
Green Gully (IV 3) 2 ascents
Number Four Gully (I) 2 ascents
Ledge Route (II)
Tower Gully (I)
Darth Vader (VII 8) 2 ascents
Orion Directissima (VI 5)
Morton's Neuroma (V 5)
Coire an t-Sneachda Invernesshire
Friday 23rd
Invernookie (III 4)
Thursday 22nd
Goat Track Gully (II)
Tuesday 20th
Aladdin's Mirror Direct (IV 4) 2 ascents
Central Gully (I)
The Runnel (II)
Spiral Gully (II)
Fiacaill Ridge (I/II) 2 ascents
Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm) Invernesshire
Friday 23rd
The Milky Way (II/III) 2 ascents
Lurcher's Crag Invernesshire
Wednesday 21st
North Gully (III)
Beinn Dearg Ross & Cromarty
Tuesday 20th
Penguin Gully (III 4) 2 ascents
Emerald Gully (IV)
Gastronomes Gully Icefall Start (IV 4)
Winter Corrie, Driesh Angus
Tuesday 20th
Sun Rock Blues (IV 5)
Cuillin Ridge (Traverse) Isle of Skye
Tuesday 20th
Cuillin Ridge Traverse (IV)
Monday 19th
Cuillin Ridge Traverse (IV) 3 ascents
Bla Bheinn Isle of Skye
Tuesday 20th
Ledge Route (III)
Bruach na Frithe Isle of Skye
Tuesday 20th
North West Ridge (I/II)
Hell's Lum Moray
Wednesday 21st
Deep Cut Chimney (IV 5)
Salamander (Winter) (V 4)
Tuesday 20th
Deep Cut Chimney (IV 5)
The Escalator (Winter) (II/III) 2 ascents
Stag Rocks Moray
Tuesday 20th
The Overflow (III)
Aonach Dubh, West Face Argyll and Bute
Tuesday 20th
No.6 Gully (IV 4)
No. 6 Gully Direct Finish (IV 5)
Monday 19th
No.6 Gully (IV 4) 2 ascents
The Cobbler Argyll and Bute
Tuesday 20th
Chockstone Gully (II) 2 ascents
Doorway Route (II)
Monday 19th
Great Gully (II)
Chockstone Gully (II)
Cave Route (III 4) 2 ascents
Beinn an Dothaidh, North East Corrie Argyll and Bute
Tuesday 20th
Taxus (III)
West Gully (I)
Taxus Icefall Finish (IV 4) 2 ascents
Monday 19th
West Buttress (III 4) 2 ascents
Beinn Udlaidh Argyll and Bute
Wednesday 21st
Organ Pipe Wall (V 5)
Tuesday 20th
Organ Pipe Wall (V 5) 2 ascents
Tinkerbell (III 4) 2 ascents
Monday 19th
Sunshine Gully (III)
West Gully (III)
Organ Pipe Wall (V 5) 2 ascents
White Caterpillar (III)
Ben Starav Argyll and Bute
Tuesday 20th
Hidden Ridge (IV 4)
Clogwyn y Ddysgl Gwynedd
Wednesday 21st
Parsley Fern Gully (I)
Clogwyn y Garnedd Gwynedd
Tuesday 20th
Central Trinity (I/II 2)
Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y Glyder Gwynedd
Wednesday 21st
Clogwyn Du Right Hand Branch (III 3/4)
Clogwyn Du Far Right Hand (IV 4)
Monday 19th
Hidden Gully (II)
Pillar Chimney Variations (IV 5)
Cleft Gully (V 6)
Devils Kitchen (Cwm Idwal) - (Clogwyn y Geifr) Gwynedd
Tuesday 20th
The Ramp (II/III)
Scrubby Crag Cumbria
Tuesday 20th
Pendulum Gully (II/III)
Green Gable Cumbria
Monday 19th
Garden of Eden (III)
Brown Cove Crags Cumbria
Tuesday 20th
Central Gully (I/II) 2 ascents
Right Parallel Gully (I) 2 ascents
Broad gully right of main crag (I) 2 ascents
Monday 19th
Central Gully (I/II)
Left Parallel Gully (I)
Broad gully right of main crag (I)
Falcon Crag, (Grizdale) Cumbria
Tuesday 20th
Chock Gully (V 5) 2 ascents
Great End (Sprinkling Tarn) Cumbria
Monday 19th
Cust's Gully (I)
Window Gully (II/III) 3 ascents
Central Gully Right Branch (II)
Central Gully Left Branch (III)
South East Gully (III) 2 ascents
Branch Gully (I)
Skew Gill Direct (III)
Nethermost Cove (Lad Crag) Cumbria
Thursday 22nd
Nethermost Gully (I/II)
Helvellyn - Red Tarn Cove Cumbria
Monday 19th
Gully 1 (II)
Gully 2 (I)
V-Corner (III)
Viking Buttress (IV)
Viking Buttress - Left-hand Finish (IV 5)
Gully 3 (III)
Bizzle crags Northumberland
Wednesday 21st
Bizzle Burn (II/III)
Shining Clough Rocks Derbyshire
Wednesday 21st
Shining Clough (III)
Shining Clough Icefall (II)
Tuesday 20th
Shining Clough (III) 2 ascents
Kinder Southern Edges Derbyshire
Monday 19th
Crowden Clough (Winter) (II)
Wildboar Clough Derbyshire
Tuesday 20th
Wildboar Clough (winter) (II/III) 2 ascents
Back Tor (Edale) Derbyshire
Tuesday 20th
Back Tor Gully (II/III)

#saisnc NC for 24.3.18: Good stability with isolated windslab on steep sheltered N to E aspects above 1000m. Low Hazard.
Fri Mar 23 16:37
#saiscm CM for 24/03/18. Mod. New windslab instabilities on N through NE to E aspects above 800m.
Fri Mar 23 16:28
#saisgl GC for 24/3. Localised areas of windslab on N to E aspects above 900m. Elsewhere generally stable. Moderate hazard.
Fri Mar 23 16:24
#saislo LO for 24/3. Fresh unstable windslab on N-E-SE aspects above 1000m. Older snowpack frozen and stable. Cornices! Moderate hazard.
Fri Mar 23 16:16
#saissc SC 24.3.18 The snowpack will be firm and well bonded on all aspects. Avalanche hazard Low.
Fri Mar 23 16:14
#saisto TOR for 24/3/18 Small localised areas of windslab, NE to SE aspects above 650m. Otherwise, generally stable. Av Haz Moderate.
Fri Mar 23 16:11
#saissc SC 23.3.18 New moderately bonded accumulations will develop on North to East aspects above 850 metres. Avalanche hazard Moderate.
Thu Mar 22 16:41
#saisnc NC for 23.3.18: Snow showers. Windslab developing on Northerly to Easterly aspects above 900m. Cross loading. Moderate Hazard
Thu Mar 22 16:24
#saisgl GC for 23/3. Colder with some snow. Areas of windslab forming during the day on mainly N to E aspects above 800 metres. Mod hazard.
Thu Mar 22 16:19
#saiscm CM for 23/03/18. Moderate Hazard. New windslab instabilities on N through NE to E aspects above 800m.
Thu Mar 22 15:44
#saisto TOR-23/3/18 The general snowpack will remain well consolidated, firm and stable throughout, refreezing above 600 metres. Av Haz Low.
Thu Mar 22 15:40
#saislo LO for 23/3. Fresh unstable windslab forming on NE, E and SE aspects above 800m later in the period. Considerable hazard
Thu Mar 22 15:36
#saisnc NC for 22.3.18: The snowpack will continue to consolidate and remain generally stable in all areas. Cornice collapse. Low Hazard
Wed Mar 21 16:42
#saissc SC 22.3.18 Thawing at all levels, moderately bonded areas will persist on SW to NW aspects above 900m. Avalanche hazard Moderate.
Wed Mar 21 16:36
#saisgl GC for 22/3. Strong SW wind. Rain then mainly dry. Instabilities on very steep mainly W-NW aspects. Cornices! Moderate hazard.
Wed Mar 21 16:34
#saislo LO for 22/3. Generally stable snowpack. Low hazard
Wed Mar 21 16:32
#saisto TOR for 22/3/18 The thawing wet snowpack will remain generally well consolidated and stable throughout. Weak cornices. Av Haz Low.
Wed Mar 21 16:28
#saiscm CM for 22/03/18. Mod. Overnight wet snow instability NW to N aspects. Better stability everywhere later. Weak cornices.
Wed Mar 21 16:25
#saiscm CM for 21/03/18. Mod. Some surface wet snow instability on NW through N to E aspects above 800m. Better stability elsewhere.
Tue Mar 20 16:50
#saisgl GC for 21/3. Snowpack generally stable. Instabilities in windslab on W-NW aspects above 800m. SW winds, snow then rain. Moderate haz
Tue Mar 20 16:47