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Lochnagar Aberdeenshire
Saturday 19th
Central Buttress (II)
Magic Pillar (IV 5)
Friday 18th
Douglas-Gibson Gully (V 4)
Buachaille Etive Mor Highland
Saturday 19th
North Buttress (West Route) (IV 4) 2 ascents
Curved Ridge (II/III 3)
Stob Coire nan Lochan Highland
Saturday 19th
Ordinary Route (Central Buttress), AKA Raeburn's Route (IV 4)
Aonach Mor Highland
Saturday 19th
Stirling Bridge (VI 7) 2 ascents
Golden Oldy (II)
Friday 18th
Grooved Arete (V 6)
Thursday 17th
Golden Oldy (II)
Wednesday 16th
Western Rib (III)
Stob Ban Highland
Thursday 17th
North Buttress - East Ridge (II/III)
Beinn Eighe Highland
Saturday 19th
West Buttress (IV 4)
The Black Carls of Beinn Eighe (I/II)
Friday 18th
The Black Carls of Beinn Eighe (I/II)
Beinn a'Chaorainn Highland
Saturday 19th
East Ridge (II)
The Saddle - Sgurr nan Forcan Highland
Saturday 19th
The Forcan Ridge (Winter) (I/II)
Aonach air Chrith Highland
Saturday 19th
North Ridge (winter) (I)
Ben Nevis Highland
Saturday 19th
Number Two Gully (II)
Garadh Gully (II)
Thursday 17th
Bob Run (II)
Ledge Route (II)
Gargoyle Wall (VI 6)
Darth Vader (VII 8)
Wednesday 16th
South-West Ridge (IV 5)
Coire an t-Sneachda Invernesshire
Sunday 20th
Pot of Gold (V 6)
Fingers Ridge (IV 4)
The Haston Line (III 4)
Saturday 19th
Honeypot (IV 6)
The Message (IV 6) 3 ascents
Original Summer Route (IV 5)
Pygmy Ridge (IV 5)
Central Gully (I)
Spiral Gully (II)
Fingers Ridge (IV 4) 2 ascents
Fiacaill Couloir (II/III)
Invernookie (III 4) 2 ascents
The Seam (IV 5)
Hidden Chimney (II/III) 2 ascents
The Slant (I)
The Haston Line (III 4)
Hidden Chimney Direct (IV 5) 2 ascents
Opening Break (IV 5)
The Messenger (V 6) 2 ascents
Rampant (IV 5) 2 ascents
Jacob's Edge (I/II) 2 ascents
Original Summer Route - Variation Start (V 6)
The Stirling Bomber (V) 2 ascents
Friday 18th
Original Summer Route (IV 5) 3 ascents
The Runnel (II)
Hidden Chimney (II/III)
Jacob's Edge (I/II) 2 ascents
Thursday 17th
The Seam (IV 5) 2 ascents
Hidden Chimney (II/III)
Sharks Fin Soup (V 6)
Wednesday 16th
Original Summer Route (IV 5)
False Goat / 0.5 Gully (I)
Twin Ribs (II)
Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm) Invernesshire
Sunday 20th
Hooker's Corner (VI 7)
Saturday 19th
Ventilator (II)
Andromeda (IV 4)
Ewen Buttress (III) 2 ascents
The Hoarmaster (VI 6) 4 ascents
Deep Throat (V 6)
Auricle (VI 7)
The Gathering (VIII 9)
Friday 18th
The Milky Way (II/III)
Savage Slit (V 6)
Sidewinder (III 4)
Thursday 17th
Ventilator (II)
Braeriach (Garbh Corie Mor) Invernesshire
Sunday 20th
Cherokee Chimney (V 6)
Saturday 19th
Cherokee Chimney (V 6)
Creagan Coire Cha-no Invernesshire
Saturday 19th
Chimney Rib (III 4) 2 ascents
Recovery Gully (I)
Anvil Gully (IV 4)
Jenga Buttress (III 4) 2 ascents
Friday 18th
Anvil Gully (IV 4)
Thursday 17th
Wile-E-Coyote (IV 4)
Cutty Sark (IV 5)
Mainmast (IV 5) 2 ascents
Beinn Dearg Ross & Cromarty
Saturday 19th
Tower of Babel (Winter) (IV 6)
Newtyle Quarry Perthshire
Tuesday 15th
Grooviliscious (M4)
Bonzai (M4)
Beginers slab (M3)
Blabheinn Isle of Skye
Saturday 19th
Clach Glas - Blaven Winter Traverse (III)
Carn Etchachan Moray
Saturday 19th
Time Traveller (VII 7)
Sron nan Lairig Argyll and Bute
Wednesday 16th
Sron na Lairig (II)
Ben Cruachan - Noe Buttress Argyll and Bute
Saturday 19th
East Gully (I)
Toxic Brew (IV 4)
Tainted Elixir (V 6) 2 ascents
Noe Gully (II)
Meall Dearg - Am Bodach Argyll and Bute
Saturday 19th
Bodach buttress (III 4) 2 ascents
Tryfan Gwynedd
Saturday 19th
The North Ridge (Winter) (I/II) 2 ascents
Glyder Fach Gwynedd
Saturday 19th
Bristly Ridge (II 2/3) 2 ascents
Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y Glyder Gwynedd
Saturday 19th
Hidden Gully (II)
Hidden Gully Right Hand (II/III)
Y Gribin Gwynedd
Saturday 19th
Y Gribin (Winter) (II)
Clogwyn Mannod Conwy
Tuesday 15th
The Dragon's Lair (M8+)
Helvellyn - Red Tarn Cove Cumbria
Saturday 19th
Swirral Edge (I)
Rampsgill Head Crag Cumbria
Saturday 19th
Central Gully (III 4)
Right Gully (II)
Striding Edge Cumbria
Saturday 19th
Striding Edge (WINTER) (I) 2 ascents

#saisnc NC for 20.1.19 Windslab developing on NE, E to S aspects above 900m. Old instabilities persisting on N aspects. Moderate Hazard.
Sat Jan 19 16:47
#saissc SC for 20.1.19: Isolated and generally avoidable accumulations of recent snow on N, E to S aspects above 900m. Avalanche hazard Low.
Sat Jan 19 16:35
#saislo LO for 20/1. Localised pockets of unstable snow in sheltered hollow and gullies on N through E to SE aspects above 900m. Mod hazard.
Sat Jan 19 16:18
#saisgl GC 20/01 Light new snow fresh NW wind general snow cover thin with isolated areas of soft slab. New cornices weak. Hazard Low
Sat Jan 19 16:15
#saiscm CM for 20/01/19. Low. A little new snow; accumulations lie on NE through E to SE aspects above 900m. Good stability in most places.
Sat Jan 19 16:12
#saisto TO for 20.01. Little change overnight, localised windslab will begin to build on high E to S aspects above 750m. Avalanche Haz Low
Sat Jan 19 16:08
#saiscm CM for 19/01/19. Low. Very limited near surface instability on some NE through E to SE aspects above 900m. Generally good stability
Fri Jan 18 16:32
#saisto Tor 19.1 Isolated pockets of well-bonded windslab will persist on steep sheltered East to Southerly aspects. Av. Haz. Low
Fri Jan 18 16:31
#saissc Isolated pockets of unstable snow on NW through NE to South aspects above 900m. Avalanche hazard Low.
Fri Jan 18 16:27
#saisgl GC for 19/1. Generally dry, FL 700m. A light covering of snow above 600m, some tiny pockets of windslab at higher levels. Low hazard
Fri Jan 18 16:25
#saisnc NC for 19.1.19: Dry cold, winds easing. Windslab on NW to NE aspects above 950m, localised windslab E to SE aspects. Moderate Hazard
Fri Jan 18 16:24
#saislo LO for 19/1. Localised instabilities on steep N, NE and E scarp slopes above 1000m. Generally stable elsewhere. Moderate hazard
Fri Jan 18 16:21
#saisnc NC for 18.1.19. Mod bonded windslab on SE,E aspects above 1000m also building on NW,N,NE, gully exits, core rims. Hazard Moderate
Thu Jan 17 17:24
#saisto TOR 18.1 Isolated pockets of windslab exist above 700 metres on E to S aspects and also N to NW aspects. Av Haz Moderate
Thu Jan 17 17:23
#saissc New shallow unstable deposits will develop over older snow-ice on W to N aspects above 900m. Avalanche hazard Low.
Thu Jan 17 17:21
#saisgl GC for 18/1. Dry and cool. A dusting of snow above 500m with the odd shallow and avoidable pocket of windslab. Low avalanche hazard.
Thu Jan 17 17:20
#saislo LO for 18/1. Localised instabilities on steep N, NE and E scarp slopes above 1000m. Generally stable elsewhere. Moderate hazard
Thu Jan 17 17:19
#saiscm CM for 18/01/19. Small localised instability above 900m on mainly North Westerly aspects.
Thu Jan 17 17:16
#saiscm CM for 17/01/19. Mod. Localised dry snow instability on NE through E to SE aspects above 950m, mainly gully tops and coire rims.
Wed Jan 16 15:51
#saisto TOR for 17/1/19 Isolated pockets of moderately well bonded windslab, steep sheltered E to S aspects above 750m. Av Hazard Moderate.
Wed Jan 16 15:50