/ Jbel Toubkal at the end of March

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Rupey - on 08 Feb 2011
I've wanted to go to Toubkal for a while. I have the last week of march off and I'm considering going, but I'm unsure what conditions to expect at that time of year...Am I likely to encounter lots of snow requiring crampons etc or will it be a sunny spring time stroll? Any advice much appreciated.
xoran - on 09 Feb 2011
In reply to Bismarck: It was a couple of years ago now, but I did Toubkal in March. Most of the walk in was snow free but the last bit to the huts and up to the summit definitely needed crampons and axe. I guess things will be different now with the weather playing up though. Someone else will probably give you more recent info! but I hope this kind of helps.
terragait - on 09 Feb 2011
In reply to Bismarck: There is a ski resort not faraway at Oukaimeden, think the season is Jan Feb and i think they have a web cam if you can find it. Expect snow in March. I was on Toubkal in the heat of July and there was still bits of snow tucked away in the sheltered gullies.
stevev on 09 Feb 2011
Sam_in_Leeds - on 09 Feb 2011
In reply to xoran:

I went early-mid March 2008 and was snow from about 3000m.

Up to the hut I didn't need crampons (frozen snow, Just walking poles) but did need them from the hut to the summit.
xoran - on 10 Feb 2011
In reply to Sam_in_Leeds: yeah, actually thats what we did.
Rupey - on 13 Feb 2011
Thanks for the advice all!
Peter Subik on 13 Feb 2011 - [proxy26.messagelabs.net]
In reply to Bismarck: Hi, I went in May 2010 and there was still snow from refuge to the top (very steep). No crampons needed though. Good luck!
Palomino1hills - on 13 Feb 2011
In reply to Bismarck:
im not sure about the advice of no crampons needed when there is v steep snow?

ive been a couple of times to the atlas both mid march and have been up Toubkal and other mountains nearby.

I would take crampons and ice axe as there will be steep snow from the Toubkal hut to the summit. ive seen a few episodes of wlakers skating down without crampons trying to use thier walking poles to steady their slides!

We camped at Toubkal as hut can be chaos and overbooked. there is a great hit in the next valley and some cracking climbs there also.


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