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Björn Pohl - UKC - on 01 Dec 2011
Shot in a narrow gorge, 4 kbFrédéric Moix, 34, from the French speaking part of the Swiss Alps, is a world class photographer, osteopath and boulderer.

In this interview/article, I've chosen to focus on the photography part, but as Fred puts it;

"...climbing and photography are "only" pieces of the puzzle..."

Read more at http://www.ukclimbing.com/news/item.php?id=62748

Phil Payne - on 01 Dec 2011
In reply to Björn Pohl - UKC:

I wondered how long it would be before these multicopters started getting used for climbing photography. I have a couple that I've been using for aerial photography and video, but never got round to taking any climbing shots. I have a friend who is putting a copter together for a guide in Cham who wants to use it for film making and photography.

The cost of a decent one that's capable of carrying something like a 5D Mk2 starts around about £4000 and can easily go up to over £10k.
Blobb on 02 Dec 2011 - whois?
In reply to Phil Payne:
A cheap flyer is 4k. A decent one, and there is only really one that gives enough flight time is closer to 30k.
Phil Payne - on 02 Dec 2011
In reply to Blobb:

If you're paying £30K for one then you're doing something very wrong or being totally ripped off. Are you talking about a Draganflyer or something by Microdrones? I really don't think they're worth the money!

mountain.martin - on 03 Dec 2011
In reply to Phil Payne:
Where would you get a set up like this cheaper then?
Phil Payne - on 03 Dec 2011
In reply to Björn Pohl - UKC: In Europe, I like: http://www.maximus-racing.com/fr/maxicopters/

Max can put together a really nice Ready to Fly system capable of lifting a 5D Mk2 for under €5000.

Frédéric Moix seems to be using a fairly standard setup from MicroKopter.de, which can be purchased here: https://www.mikrocontroller.com

Another great shop, but based in the US is: http://www.quadrocopter.us/

Of course it's a lot cheaper if you do some of the building work yourself and the price is basically double if you want a complete system ready to go out of the box.

If you're thinking of getting into it then you don't want to be learning to fly on a £5k copter, so you can get complete setups for as little as $120 for learning. http://www.goodluckbuy.com/x525-v3-quadcoptor-friber-glass-folding-arf-set-kkmulticopter.html

and this is a great resource for anyone that wants to put together a system: http://www.rcgroups.com/multi-rotor-helis-659/
Phil Payne - on 03 Dec 2011
In reply to Björn Pohl - UKC:

And here's a couple of photos taken by me:

mountain.martin - on 05 Dec 2011
In reply to Phil Payne:

Thanks for that information.


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