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JohnV - on 30 Mar 2012
... to replace my Berghaus Arete 40. Would like similar volume and an easy ski attachment, compression straps with clips for example. Will be used for ski mountaineering, overnight tours, alpine climbing, general cragging etc. Up to 100 quid.

Cheers in advance.
Taurig on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV:

I can highly recommend the Deuter Guide 35+. You may hear people complaining about it's weight, but for me the comfort and bombproof feeling make up for it. Dedicated ski attachment too, although I haven't used it for that personally.
Al Randall on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to Taurig: I will second the build quality and the comfort of the Deuter sacks. I have a Guide 45+. It's heavier than my other sacks but somehow the load feels lighter because of the comfort. After a day out I used to return with a pain in my left shoulder but I don't get it with this sack. I now tend to reach for it even for short days out even though I bought it primarily as an ice climbing/alpine sack.

Andy Hardy on 30 Mar 2012
TobyA on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: Slightly over your price, but the Podsac Alpine 40 does all the things you want. http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=2843 Well worth considering. Just a good solid all rounder.
Dino Dave - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: Again, another shout for the Deuter's! I have a 45+ and I use it for everything! Very comfy; might be heavy, but the build quality and bombproofness is sublime!
Nordie_matt - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: I have the Pod Alpine 40 and love it, really a great pack. Replaced my Berghaus Arete 40 with it and the difference is immense, a solid vote for the pod alpine.
Nordie_matt - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: or for about £100 this:


Having also used this before I would recommend it, it is designed for skimountaineering and the front pocket is designed to take an avalanche kit
mattc - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: Black diamond bags are wicked they have a few in the sale in urban rock
martinph78 on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: Have a look at the Mountain Hardwear Direttissma.

I haven't used it but have the bigger brother (South Col 75) and really rate that.

I did order one but it was the wrong size so I sent it back and I am on the look out for a large to try.

iksander on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: Haglofs Matrix - slick, light, tough
TobyA on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to iksander:
> Haglofs Matrix - slick, light, tough

Haglöfs don't seem to do light when it comes to rucksacks! I notice the Matrix 40 is over a kilo and half. Don't why, but even their superlight 'action' rucksacks still come with these huge thick heavy backs. Maybe it's a Scandinavian thing! They like to carry axes and frying pans with them backpacking.
iksander on 31 Mar 2012
In reply to TobyA: Blimey, I didn't realise 1.5kg was considered heavy these days. Felt light compared to my Deuter Guide 45+ but I guess that's really heavy..
eschaton - on 31 Mar 2012
In reply to Martin1978: seconded, i have had one for a couple of weeks as a replacement for my mutant 38.

rrp is about 140, but nevisport have it on sale for about £90

Martin1978 - nevisport manchester have it in in a large back size, there might be stock in other stores as well.
TobyA on 31 Mar 2012
In reply to iksander: It's not desperately heavy, but there are plenty of similar sized packs that weigh at least a third less. Does the Haglöfs one strip down much? The podsac Alpine 40 is similar in weight but it had more back bits in it than I think it needs so you can get it down to closer to a kilo quickly just pulling those bits out.

Going cragging etc. the weight won't be a biggy, but it's one of those things when you think about it in terms of opportunity cost for a day in the mountains it makes more sense. If my new bag weighs 1 kg instead of 1.5 kg; I could add in a bothy bag and three choccy bars for the same weight. That adds quite a lot of 'survivability' to your pack.
Captain Gear - on 31 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV:

I really rate my Aiguille Alpine Stratos.


It is hard wearing, simple, lightweight and a good size for all round use.

It has all the features you need and none that you don't.

If you are doing ski touring then it might be worth getting Ski slots added to the outside of the wand pockets. Because Aiguille bags are made to order in the Lakes they should be able to add them for around a fiver.

Give them a ring on: 01539 822223 and ask to speak to Adrian. He's a top bloke and should be able to sort you out with any modifications you need.

It will last you forever so is a bargain at £80!

MH123 - on 31 Mar 2012
In reply to JohnV: Slightly smaller than the arete but have used mine from everything from cragging, skiing to multiday camping trips,


imo well worth the money
t_hume - on 01 Apr 2012
In reply to JohnV: I have a brand new Mountain Hardwear Via Rapida for sale, £60 (normally £100ish). Its designed with skiing/alpine climbing in mind.
martinph78 on 01 Apr 2012
In reply to eschaton: Thanks, will check them out
subseasniper - on 01 Apr 2012
In reply to JohnV: Karrimor Sabre SF 45.

Hardcore tough, comfortable and not adorned with pointless bells and whistles.

Really, check this pack out, best ruck I have ever had.
iksander on 03 Apr 2012
In reply to TobyA: Hi Toby, just read your review of the podsac. Out of interest so you get the test samples for free and get to keep them? I didn't notice mention of that in your gear reviews, maybe I missed it but many review sites have a disclosure statement about it.
TobyA on 03 Apr 2012
In reply to iksander: There's no payment for writing but the norm is you keep what you review. A few companies have asked for things back. Don't know how it works in magazines where I presume the journalist is being paid to write the article.

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