/ Custom fell running shoes - cobbler who can?

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jolivague on 10 May 2012 - 5ad96f06.bb.sky.com
Had a conversation this evening with a fell-running friend who's hit on a dilemna. He owns numerous pairs of inov8 trainers and has found that on one pair the uppers give out ridiculously quickly while the soles remain bomber and with another it's exactly the opposite.

Basically he's wondering if it's possible to somehow combine the 2 into one hybrid shoe.

Anyone know of any companies who could do such a thing?
mattrm - on 11 May 2012
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I reckon they'd do it for you.
jolivague on 14 May 2012 - 5ad5ac51.bb.sky.com
In reply to mattrm: Awesome, cheers!
gear boy on 14 May 2012
In reply to jolivague: make sure he tells inov-8, they may start making a shoe that lasts, chuckle, last, shoe, oh the humour.....
torquil on 14 May 2012
In reply to jolivague: I might be able to do it (Llanberis Resoles) but I would have to know the details. Which Inov8 soles lasts well(!) and what shoes do you want to fit them too?

Stripping an old sole off and putting it on to another shoe is also likely to have some issues, it would be quite different from putting a new sole on as they are normally larger and then trimmed to fit exactly after they're stuck on.

Best to get your friend to email the details. My address is on the website. Alternatively I'll be offering approach/fell running shoe resoles in Vibram's version of Dotty Stealth when the rubber arrives sometime in June.

Hope that is of some help.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.