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fire_munki on 05 Sep 2012
You might remember me getting excited and asking loads of questions last winter and then go to do the Martin Moran beginers course.
Well its time to book my next trip but I'm confused.
I don't really want to go and do lots of grade 2 gulleys again but coming from Devon I have very little experiance with big routes and am wondering if his intermediate course will be to open/exposed for me.
It was either that of find a bit more cash and head over to the beginners ice course in Norway.
Or if anyone knows of somewhere else to go please suggest, reckon I've got about £1300 in total.
Andy Mountains - on 05 Sep 2012
In reply to fire_munki:

Why not just hook up with a few experienced people on here or your local climbing club who want to get some winter climbing done too and head up to Scotland or possible even Wales/Lakes conditions permitting for a couple of weeks.
fire_munki on 05 Sep 2012
In reply to Andy Mountains:
That was a thought but then that requires sorting out accomodation, food, guide (if needed).
I kinda liked the idea of just rocking up as I don't know enough to lead anything yet on snow.
Maybe I'll see if someone wants a holiday before booking, I know none of the people I climb with will fancy it though.
Michael Gordon - on 05 Sep 2012
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Surely it depends how you found the beginner's course? If you wanted to step up to do some grade III/IV and mixed I would have thought your guide from last time would have a reasonable idea of your likely capability for that.
fire_munki on 06 Sep 2012
In reply to fire_munki:
I found it fine, but I know I'm not accustomed or even happy all the time with exposure.
As the course ratio is normally 2:1 I don't want to make it a bad trip for the other person on the course if I wig out due to be over exposed and scared.
samtho - on 06 Sep 2012
In reply to fire_munki:
I’ve followed a similar path to yourself into winter climbing, I did a week’s intro to winter climbing at glenmore lodge a couple of years back (highly recommended), and then found myself in Canada last December so hired a guide and did some ice climbing. I’d suggest you avoid the ice if your concerned about exposure, I for one found hanging belays on ice screws and abseiling off abalakovs took a little getting used to... loved it though!
Cambridge-Climber - on 06 Sep 2012
In reply to fire_munki: Hell, in a handcart.
coxy devon on 06 Sep 2012 - host86-132-154-140.range86-132.btcentralplus.com
In reply to fire_munki: Hi mate I am from Devon and went on a ice climbing week with ROB JOHNSON EXPEDITION GUIDE to Norway £750 Plus accm&food and a share in a car,about £1000. But you can do 2 to 4 routes a day to build your grade up.it was a fantastic time and I will go again.
Cheers Martin

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