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chockstone - on 23 Sep 2012
The time has come to replace my rock shoes, I love my anasazi Greens but my heel doesn't come close to touching the inside of the shoe even though they are a squeeze to put on and uncomfortably tight after say 20 mins climbing. Can anyone reccomemend a shoe with a flatter sole/heel? I would like to stick with 5.10s if possible as I love the way they seem to stick to the rock compared to others I've used. I would also like to change to velcros to speed things up, but not essential. Does anyone know if the anasazi VCR's have a flatter profile than the Greens?
Styx - on 23 Sep 2012
The heel on all of the Anasazi's are of the marmite variety, they either fit well or are utterly shocking, in my experience.

Anasazi heels don't fit me at all but the Sportiva Miura & Miura VS fit like a glove, check them out, they're great shoes.
chockstone - on 23 Sep 2012
In reply to Styx: Ok will check them out. Thanks.
Hannes on 23 Sep 2012
In reply to chockstone: The scarpa vapour velcro and lace are a good alternative as well
FiendishMcButton on 23 Sep 2012 - 87-194-116-181.bethere.co.uk
In reply to chockstone:

I've just switched form Verdi's to these. http://www.tauntonleisure.com/edelrid-typhoon-climbing-shoe/p8837 Leather uppers so I've gone a size tighter than I normally would and they've taken a few sessions to break in but at least the wont have that Verdi rotting flesh stink. They are performing as well as the Verdi's for stickiness.

I really wanted the 5.10 Blackwings but they just would not fit

In-between Verdi's I tried the Scarpa force, they were the first velcros that fitted my foot shape. They were good and even though I did go back to the Verdi's I still use the force's for route setting and as a back up shoe.
turtlespit - on 24 Sep 2012
In reply to chockstone: I've had a couple of pairs of Anasazi Velcros, and the heal is pretty bad for me, but they're great otherwise. Also tried on the Verdes recently, which are a tiny bit wider, but otherwise the fit is the same. Didn't bother getting a pair of Verdes as the velcros are quicker to get on and off. (So the velcros will be an upgrade in this regard)

If you want something that's a better heal hooker, I found the Anasazi Arrowheads a better heal fit, but still not ideal. Ended up buying some Scarpa Boostics, with the Scarpa Instincts fitting well also. Naturally this is all relative to my foot shape, so best to try before you buy with climbing shoes.
obi-wan nick b - on 24 Sep 2012
In reply to chockstone: Have a look at this I just saw the advert so it's not a reccomendation...
Nick Russell on 24 Sep 2012
In reply to chockstone: I had the same problem with a pair of 5.10 Arrowheads. Bought the Miura VS and they fit perfectly

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