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ckmoffat - on 11 Nov 2012
premier post photo

Looking to get rid of my rack. would be a good beginner rack or a second one for winter. A lot of it is stuff I bought new, but some of it I've inherited or picked up second hand here, so can't verify it's provenance, but I've stated more on that below. I've not taken any falls on any of it, and the ice-screw's only been placed a couple of times. I'd prefer to sell it all as a one, excepting the screw which I'll sell separately, but if I don't get interest before the premier post finishes I'll consider splitting everything up.

Wild Country Wires 1-4 & 6-10
Some superficial marking due to general use in summer & winter, all wires are in good condition. I seem to be missing the 5, but there is one included in the below set of nuts.

Various WC, Cassin & DMM nuts x 11
I inherited these from one of my climbing partners, and they're mostly in the middle to upper range of sizes. All again have superficial marking and all wires in good condition.

Wild Country Tech Friend 2
Bought at the tail end of last year, placed only two or 3 times, good as new.

2 x Cams, WC & HB Wales
Inherited again, the WC seems to be an older version of the Tech Friend, probably size 1 or thereabouts, and the HB is a size 3 Quadcam. The Quadcam has a broken wire, which has been botched together, and the wires on the Tech Friend are bent but still look operational, bothslings show signs of furring. Including these just to get them out of the house, use them, or don't they'd just be getting chucked otherwise.

Wild Country Rockcentrics 1-9 + extra 6
Again superficial marking, all slings in good condition. 5 x carabiners included for racking.

4 x 60cm sling quickdraws
As per photo, all of varying make, but in good condition

4 x 10cm quickdraws
Again carabiners all of varying makes, slings in good condition

Clog Fig 8 Descender
Good condition

3 x Screw gates
1 Clog, 2 x Black Diamond, all used, good condition.

2 x slings
1 x 120cm Clog sling, 1 x 240cm DMM sling, both in good condition

£200 ono + postage.

1 x Black Diamond Express Ice Screw 16cm
Used 2 or 3 times, teeth show no damage. Photos can be provided upon request.

£35 ono + postage.

Any questions, mail me through the site. I'm based in Glasgow if anyone wants to collect/see any of the gear.


ckmoffat - on 13 Nov 2012
In reply to ckmoffat:

Screw is now sold.

Open to offers on the rack.


ckmoffat - on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to ckmoffat:

Still open to offers on the rack, looking for around £160 for the lot now.


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