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geologist - on 30 Dec 2012
Im interested in doing a degree in an environmental subject, preferably animal/wildlife related. Does anyone know of any distance learning courses, not just degree, but HNC etc etc.

another_alex - on 30 Dec 2012
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Try the

Open university http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/qualification/q19.htm (degree but I think you can also just do individual modules)

Exeter: http://education.exeter.ac.uk/dll/list_courses.php?code=dln (not accredited)

Leicester http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/lifelong-learning/parttime/globalecology

A lot of places have free teaching materials online if you just want something to work through

- I'm looking for something similar but at masters level
Oli_31 - on 31 Dec 2012
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My Msc is distance learning with University of the Highlands and Islands they do plenty environmental stuff
goosebump - on 01 Jan 2013
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Manchester Met have taken over the running of the very good Biological Recording course, which used to be administered by the University of Birmingham. Its not distance learning, basically you do individual FSC courses as modules (often over weekends) that add up to the certificate. Ive worked as a consultant ecologist for more than 10 years and its the only course Im aware of that actually teaches field skills (the firm I work for routinely sends all new ecologists on it, since universities/other courses fall short in this respect).
See here http://www.field-studies-council.org/news/success-for-biological-recording-course.aspx
Good luck!
geologist - on 01 Jan 2013
In reply to goosebump:

Cheers all, I was aware of that recording course, but couldnt find it on the web, so cheers, Im very interested in it

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