/ Anyone travelling to Nepal in next month?

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jdh72 - on 30 Jan 2013
Hi Folks,

A favour to ask if anyone is traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal in the next month.

Rushing to pack my equipment I forgot to pack my tent poles.

I'm out here teahouse trekking for the next 3-4 weeks while its still cold, then I plan to do plenty camping from March onwards when its a bit warmer.

I'm hoping if somebody is willing would it be possible to get my folks to post my poles to you in the UK, you bring them to Nepal and then for me to meet you in KTM to collect them?

I know its a long shot and some people would be uncomfortable doing this, but somebody may be able to help me.

They are 3 lightweight poles from my 1 man tent, weighing approx 540g max.

I will be in KTM for the next 2 days and contactable through this forum or email: jdh72@sky.com

After that I'll be in the Everest region for 3-4 weeks before coming back to KTM.

Hope you can help.


weeve on 30 Jan 2013
In reply to jdh72:
just a thought - try posting on the relevant lonely planet forums
Mountain Llama on 30 Jan 2013
In reply to jdh72: Hi Dan

Suggest u try KE or jagged globe as they will have trips planned.

Cheers Davey
Neil Carruthers - on 31 Jan 2013
In reply to jdh72: are they full of heroin?

why don't you just get them delivered to your hotel in Kathmandu while you're trekking
molly2202 on 31 Jan 2013 - [mail.sharpmoves.com]
In reply to jdh72:

what brand of Tent? Take a walk down Tradevi Marg, there are some genuine gear shops whop may stock what you're after....

Failing that down the bottom end of Thamel, there are some shops owned by Sherpas, stocking used gear off various Expeds. They again may hold what you're after if of course the tent you have is a commonly used one...

Long shot I know....

To get them posted out, USE NO OTHER CORIER THAN DHL.... they have various agents in Thamel, google for reviews then get the folks to speed courier out to you.

I've used DHL in KTM before, as lived there for a while, and had no worries.

Good luck!
jdh72 - on 31 Jan 2013
Thanks for your replies people. BTW the tent is a Hille Soulo, think no chance of finding hille poles here in KTM. Looking like DHL may be the best option unless somebody else gets in touch soon.
Chris Szymiec on 23 Feb 2013 - whois?
In reply to jdh72: use DHL to ship to Nepal. Do not use FedEx or others as you may have a duty/import problem. I got my dad to ship my ice climbing gear there last year and they assessed the value and tried to tag on 125% import duty on my used gear. DHL is a breeze.

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