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gg4419 - on 03 Feb 2013
Hi everyone,

Just one final question regarding shoes. I have owned several pairs of Miura VS shoes in an EU 42 and got a pair of Testarossa's from here cheap that were a 42.5 and ever so slightly too big. Has anyone had both shoes before as I am hoping to order a pair of Testarossa's from France and wantiing to get the right size and thinking an EU 42 this time. If you have had both, are the width of the toe boxes similar in the same sizes as I have slightly wide feet and didn't get on with the Katana velcro or Dragons.

Many thanks,

Styx - on 03 Feb 2013
I haven't tried the Testarossa's myself but I am told that they have a narrower toe box than the Miura VS, they do stretch more, however.
kingofthering on 03 Feb 2013 - chello080109074167.4.15.vie.surfer.at
In reply to gg4419:

Had them both. The Testarossa seems a little narrower in the toebox but it is softer all over and stretches more that it feels not as much as a toewrench as the miura does.
Marco Plebani on 03 Feb 2013
In reply to gg4419: I also have slightly wide feet and wear normal shoes size 44.5-45. I wear 42 for both Miura lace and Testarossa. It took a while for both to take my feet's shape (or more likely the other way round, it took a while for my feet to fit the shoes' shape); quite longer for the Testarossa, but being patient was worth it. Miura laces are still my absolute favourite shoes, followed tightly by the Testarossa. I can't tell you about the Miura VS as I have never tried them, but as a reference I can say that I also own a pair of Katana velcro 42.5 that I rarely wear as they are very precise on small things but always bloody painful.

If I were you I would go for it (obviously I am not you, so I don't take any responsibility for this advice etc etc...)

Hope this help.
gg4419 - on 03 Feb 2013
Thank you all for the advice. i think I will go for it. I'm sure someone will love to snap up a bargain on here if they don't fit! Then I can revert to the Miura's.

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