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Wanderer100 - on 21 Feb 2013
My old runners are wearing out on me, holes starting to develop near the toe area. I am in training for the Stratford upon Avon Half Marathon at the end of April and would appreciate some advice on whats best on the market for middle/long distance road running at the moment (training upto 25 miles per week Thanks.
Wanderer100 - on 25 Feb 2013
In reply to Wanderer100: Anyone? There must surely be someone with a good recommendation....please!
tony on 25 Feb 2013
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The most important things is to get a pair that fits the shape of your foot. Different manufacturers use different lasts, so the shapes of their shoes are different, and what works well for one person might be a horror story for someone else.

You'll also find different levels of support in the sole, with varying amounts of correction for different levels of pronation.

So, you need to go to a decent running shop with staff who know what they're talking about and try a number of different pairs.

I use Brooks Adrenalines, but that's no guarantee they'd be any use to you.
martinph78 on 25 Feb 2013
New Balance 780's. I've not been running long but I like them and the grip is great (have been out in snow and mud s well as tarmac). Got them for £35 which was a nice price

David Riley - on 25 Feb 2013
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I've enjoyed having these.
I'm not a believer in energy absorbing padding and support. Feet have evolved to cope without.
Dave B on 25 Feb 2013
In reply to Wanderer100:
Q: Are you injured?

A: No: Q: Is there a directly equivalent model of you shoe that you can buy?
A: Yes. BUY IT. IN fact, BUY two pairs now.
A: No. Swear. Then go to a running shop and try a whole load of pairs on. Buy the ones that are closest to feel of the old one. Hope you don't get injured.

A: Yes: Q: Is is related to your shoes, even remotely?
A: No: See a physio. Then get new shoes as above
A: Yes: See a physio. Then get advice as to the type of shoes and or orthotics which might help. Do all the exercises they suggest, Buy new shoes on their advice AT A RUNNING SHOP where you can try them all on. Get the ones closest to the advice you were given. Hope they don't make the injury worse in some other way.

Dave B on 25 Feb 2013
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wbo - on 27 Feb 2013
In reply to Wanderer100:Top advice from Dave there- avoid fashion, get what works. I've used a mixture of Pegasus and Kayanos for 20 years, and any exploration to other brands has ended in tears.

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